Very often our men clients from different countries ask our managers what Ukrainian women prefer: family or career. So we have decided to rise the curtain and uncover this secret. Having asked our ladies clients and friends, we are now ready to share the information which we have found out.

Svetlana. What is my priority? Family or career? I would say that both of them are very important to me. First of all, I truly believe that every woman comes to this world to continue the life of mankind and it is very important for her to have a family. On the other hand, I am sure that every person has their own mission, which is to develop as a personality. To do that, one has to study and work. That is why, when I personally reach the top point in my own self-development program as a business woman, I will be absolutely open to creating a family.

Elena. Well, I think it is not reasonable to ask a woman what she prefers: family or career. Everyone knows that since childhood girls dream of becoming mothers and wives. How can I be so sure? Girls are the ones who play dolls, pretending to be their mothers, feeding them, changing clothes, putting to bed and singing lullabies. I cannot wait to become a real mother and create my family nest. And, if I have some spare time, I will probably start my own business, which will not take up my whole time and let me be a good family person.

Olga. I am afraid I cannot have a univocal answer. I cannot say that I prefer either family or career. Both of these are equal and important to me. That is why, when I find my ONE, I will not have any hesitations about what to do. I will surely be able to become a good mother and wife, and build my own business career.

Marina. You may judge me for what I am about to say, still this is my personal opinion and you are interested in what I really think, not what I can tell you in order to look better. So, I am sure that people, who say that women are created for family life only are not right. Why should a woman devote herself to looking after children, doing the housework and keeping the home fire burning? I think that by doing so she leaves no time for herself. We have seen a lot of examples when excellent housewives become very unhappy because their husbands lose interest in them. I do not want to become one of such women, that is why I will never choose between a family or career, I will do whatever it takes to live a happy life developing myself first of all and being an independent woman. And when time comes to get married, I will make sure that my husband will share my responsibilities and I will have a chance to work and do what I am used to.

Valentina. I am glad you have asked me this question because I have a good example, showing that combining both is the best choice. One of my friends has been a real lady since her childhood. She wanted to get married and start a family. She was not interested in building a career. However, when she finally became a wife and spent some time doing all her duties, she understood that something was wrong. She had all she had been longing for all her life, still she was not happy. One day, a friend of hers, who was a business woman asked her to babysit for her and my friend agreed. You know what? She liked it so much, that she decided to become a professional babysitter. And now, when she already has two beautiful kids of her own, she combines being a mother with babysitting, which is absolutely perfect. She does not have to think which is more important: family or career, she has made one an inseparable part of the other. And this is exactly what I am going to do too.