As we have already written in many of our articles, love language is the same for people around the world. Therefore, if you want to know how to date Ukrainian girls after 30, the answer will be simple:  be yourself first of all and follow the rules which will help you to be on top.

The first thing you must do is show your better sides, one of which must be self-confidence. You must understand that when you date Ukrainian girls, as well as any other, you must show that you lead a full life; you have friends, different activities, speak up your mind and have ambitions in life. However, do not make your self-confidence grow into arrogance by boasting about how good and successful you are. This will not bring you any success.  

Another point to remember when you date Ukrainian girls is to be sincere. Do not pretend to be someone who you aren’t, since you will not fool your lady. Believe me, there is nothing bad in learning something about the girl’s favorite music band or other things she likes to be able to hold a discussion. However, do not pretend to be a poet, if you haven’t written a poem for her. Be real and your girl will appreciate it.

You might wonder what you must look like at the date. The answer is to be natural. Do not try to follow the latest fashion trends. Your clothes must be neat, comfortable and correspond to the place you are going to visit.

When you date Ukrainian girls make sure you get to know them better. Try not to admire the girl’s looks all the evening. Say a couple of elegant compliments about her clothes, hair or smile and let her show her wit and the ability to communicate. Remember to be a good listener and avoid using clichés, which will sound insincere. Ask the girl questions and make comments while she is speaking, so that she could see that you are interested in what she is telling. It is also important to be fun, however, if it is your first date, do not tell any jokes about her, or her family. Oh, and do not even think of being nervous. Just enjoy the girl’s company, and this will give her the chance to enjoy yours.

Organizing a date, do your best to make it go at the highest level. Take your girl to a special place, but it is not necessary for it to be expensive. Still, the girl must feel that you have tried hard. Invite her to your favorite restaurant, or buy a couple of tickets for her favorite group’s performance.

When you date Ukrainian girls, especially the ones over 30, you must keep physical contact with them. You can put your hand on your lady’s back while standing in a line or take her hand crossing the street. Such touches will make your communication more intimate. However, before touching the girl, make sure she does not mind it.

If you want to make your date the one, which will have a continuation, you must be a safe man. What does it mean? Call the girl, if you promise. Do not hide her from her friends. After you have had a couple of dates face-to-face, it is a good time to introduce her to your company.

Finally whether you date Ukrainian girls or any other do not forget about surprising them. Of course it is very important to be consistent in relationship; still a couple of romantic surprises now and then will not do any harm. Depending on what your woman likes, you can organize a surprise dinner for her, send her flowers to the office or plan a getaway trip for the week end. Such things keep “the fire burning”.