In the previous part of the article, we have told you how to end a date, which was not a success. Still, finishing the date during which both you and the girl liked each other is also the question, which must not be missed.

To begin with, it is good to discuss the limit of your date, in case you have something to do immediately after the date. I mean that at the beginning of the meeting, you can tell the girl that you have 2 or 3 hours, or less, depending on how long you think your date can last. You need this in case it is high time you left, and you are in a hurry. In such a case, you will not have to end a date running away saying “I have to go! See you next time!” It is not normal and the girl can think you did not like her and will get offended.

The second thing you must keep in mind is that you must not make the date last for too long, especially if everything goes well. Of course, you may say that if you both are enjoying each other’s company, you can stay together till the morning light. It is true. However, if, for some reason, anything goes wrong, all good points you have managed to get at the peak of the interest, will be lost.  Not all the meetings can be like this. Some of them pass successfully with constant interest both at the beginning and at the end. However, there are cases when a date has its peak of success. This is when you must understand when you are at this very moment of success and end a date in time to leave the girl with the best impressions of you.   

Another factor you must take into account is the time of the date. If it is already later, tell the girl that you will see her home. If you do not want to see her home, or cannot do that for some reason, do not make her stay for too long and go home alone at midnight.  

And finally, physical contact at the first date (a kiss). At the first date, it is not acceptable since you are nobody to each other and you do not know if the girl likes you or not. There is only one exception – if the date was grand and VERY successful, and you understand that you like the girl and she likes you too (which you can see from her behavior).  If during the first date you already feel the sparkle and mutual connection between you and the girl, the atmosphere is romantic and everything goes to it, then you can or even must kiss the girl. But if she does not want to kiss you, do not react inadequately or aggressively – apologize, say you thought the moment was right and you thought you both wanted it; or put the blame on romance and the setting which was “heady” and made you go crazy.

Finally, to end a date, which was a good one in appropriate way, it will be good to ask for the next meeting. Then walk the girl home, discuss the details of the next date and say that you have had a great time with her. If you do think that there has been a sparkle between you, add that dating her was different from dating other, less interesting girls, that it was the best date ever and you felt really good. However, to say so, you must be sure that she feels the same.  

All in all, to end a date in a good way, you must not invent anything. If everything was great, you both are in good mood, you will feel easy and know exactly what to do.