We all have dreams, goals and plans what we are going to achieve in this life. When we meet soul mates, sometimes our life plans will change or may lead to break up because of the incompatibility of future plans. That`s why it`s important to know what is she dreaming about, how does she imagine her future, where does is she see herself in five years, what is her dream job and what is important, does it match with your plans?

How to figure what she is dreaming about?

The best way is to ask about it. Communication is one of the most important things in relationship. If you don`t understand something don`t make it up, just ask. If you still don`t understand clarify it and don`t hesitate to ask again.

Do not draw conclusions before you will know all the details and meanings of what she said. Every person perceives information differently or hears only what he/she wants to hear.

There are two examples

Our client rejected his possibly perfect match because he read at the lady`s profile that she was really into sport. The man imagined in his head the picture where the lady worked out every single day and all her free time she spent in the gym. In other hand by words “I`m really into sport” the lady meant that she liked to watch the football games on TV. Sometimes our imagination plays not a good game with us. That is why before drawing any conclusions you should ask if you understood correctly your girlfriend.

And another story. Our client had a wonderful date with a lady whom he found extremely attractive, smart and with a good sense of humor. How he told us they could speak about everything and the date was going great until she told him that she was an atheist. After that phrase he made the decision not to continue their communication because he was a religious person. Our psychologist met the lady a few days later to speak about the situation. And the story of the lady was a bit different. She told us that her date asked her the question if she was a deeply religious person or more atheist. Between two of offered to her answers she chose the second one. Because she doesn`t go to church every single Sunday it doesn`t mean that she is an atheist. The question wasn`t correct and the lady didn`t explained her answer properly or didn`t have the opportunity to do it. Unfortunately because of that misunderstanding both of them are still single.

If your girlfriend tells you that she is dreaming about opening the restaurant in the future it doesn`t mean that she expects you to help her with it or she doesn`t think about creating a family right now and will be a bad mother in the future because she is going to be busy with the restaurant that even doesn`t exist yet and maybe won`t be. Please, don`t decide for the lady and don`t make any conclusion.

All of us are dreaming about something but sometimes dreams are only dreams and not always a guidance to actions.

It is wonderful when people have dreams. If you don`t have a dream you will go nowhere. Dreaming about something is essential for a human being. Without dreams, you will lose interest in life.

Dream big and don’t be afraid to chase those dreams.   

I wish all your dreams come true and match with the dreams of your life partner!