Marriage agreement is a new concept for Ukrainians. Not every woman even knows what is it for and how it works.

I can say that it won`t be easy to explain to a Ukrainian lady that you want to conclude a marriage agreement with her. I suggest you to be well-prepared for this conversation. You should be able to name her all the advantages of it. Your reasons should be very clear and understandable to her. Don`t be surprised if Ukrainian lady takes the proposition to sign a marriage agreement very emotionally at first. You should speak about it very carefully and choose the right words because it`s a very sensitive topic for Slavic women.  

Until quite recently they had no idea what a marriage agreement is. Their mothers and grandmothers have never done it before. No one shared this experience with them.

Another problem is that Ukrainian ladies find marriage agreement anti-romantic.  They can perceive your offer to sign a marriage agreement like your uncertainty in her and your feelings. She might think that it is a bad luck and there won`t be a happy future together if you think about the divorce in the beginning.

Now you know what the reactions you can expect from Ukrainian women on a marriage agreement. That`s why you should explain to her in the best way why would be better to conclude a marriage agreement.

Let`s discuss what a marriage agreement is and what the functions it serves.

Marriage agreement is a contract signed by couples before or after marriage. Marriage agreements are commonly known as “prenuptial agreements” or “prenups”. Prenuptial agreements help to deal with the legal issues if the marriage breaks down. A well-drafted prenup can protect the parties` property and make separation less painful, reduce conflicts and save money on attorneys` fees.  

It`s important to know that no one can be forced into a marriage agreement.

You can enter a marriage agreement in the case that both parties wish to do it.

It would be better to discuss and draw up a marriage agreement together with your beloved woman. Then there won`t be any surprises for her when you negotiate the contract with the lawyer. It`s better to enter a marriage agreement way before the wedding. If you start the process right before the wedding, your lady will feel some pressure on her. If you bring the topic about a marriage agreement half of year before the wedding for example it won`t look like the ultimatum from your side.

When is necessary to sign a marriage agreement:

  • when both of parties or one of them have properties or own businesses;
  • when one or both of you has children from the previous marriages;
  • when one or both of you experienced an awful divorce in the past;
  • when one or both of the parties has a life-threatening job.

When is not important to conclude a marriage agreement:

  • no one in the couple has any kind of property or owns a business;
  • neither party has children from the previous marriages;
  • neither of you has a life-threatening work.

I hope you will never need to fulfill the obligations of the marriage agreement in the future but it is always good to have some kind of insurance. When you are done with the marriage agreement will be better to forget about it, leave it behind and concentrate on your relationship full of love and happiness.

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