Everyone is looking forward to 14 February and it is not a secret why. All over the world people celebrate St Valentine’s Day on that date wishing to make this holiday a memorable one for their dear ones. Of course, every country has its own ways to celebrate this or that festival and Ukraine is not an exception. That is why we have decided to ask girls to tell how they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Alina. Well, I am planning to spend Valentine’s Day with my sweetheart. It may seem quite banal, but we have already booked a table in a restaurant, where we first met. It seems to me, that it will be a very romantic evening. The most important thing is that we will be together.

Kate. This year we have decided to make a home celebration. We have been together for two years and have already celebrated Valentine’s Day in a café and last year we went to the cinema to watch a romantic movie. However, this time we have decided to stay at home and enjoy each other’s company without any other people. I have already prepared candles, which I will lit, we will cook something delicious together, then take out our special bottle of wine (we bought it last year in Madrid to open on a special occasion) and spend all evening talking to each other, maybe watching some films… I can’t wait…

Julia. The question about how I will celebrate Valentine’s Day is still open for me. I have no boyfriend, so, I will probably accept my friend’s invitation to visit her party. She promised to organize a theme party with a disco, different games and funny competitions. I am sure that I will have a good time and, who knows, maybe I will meet my Valentine…

Olga. I think the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to follow our family tradition – take some time off work and go on a journey. A couple of years ago my husband and I spent an unforgettable week in Thailand. We were lying on the beach, enjoying the warm sea and sun, drinking tasty cocktails and nobody could reach us, since we had turned off our mobile phones. Last year we went to the Swiss Alps and tried everything we could there: we skied, snowboarded, sledged and even slid down the hill on our bottoms. That was great fun. I do not know where my husband will take me this year, but I am sure that we will have a wonderful time together.

Nadia. I do not know how I will spend Valentine’s Day this year, but I wish my boyfriend took me on a romantic walk around the evening city. I do not care about the weather, I really enjoy watching the snow sparkling in the lights and I cannot wait to play snowballs and throw each other into snow banks. That is so romantic! And after such a walk, it would be great to go to the theatre and watch a play together. Wow! That would be the Valentine’s Day of my dream!

Elena. Well, I think that it is a good idea to go to a SPA salon together. I do not know what my sweetheart will give me as a present, but I have already bought a SPA certificate for two. First, we will have a massage together and then go to sauna to relax. What else could a couple of people living in such tense times wish for?

Marina. This year I have prepared a special surprise for my beloved. We have always dreamt of learning to dance and I have decided to make this dream come true. So, this year we will spend Valentine’s Day learning to dance Argentinian tango. It seems to me that this passionate dance will add some special flavor to our relationship and we will receive an unforgettable experience.

Of course, there were more replies to our question about how our Ukrainian girls celebrate Valentine’s Day, so if you are interested you could come to Ukraine, find yourself a girlfriend (we know exactly who can help you) and see how nice can Saint Valentine’s Day be in Ukraine.