Divorce is a very unpleasant and emotionally hard procedure. It affects a person for some period of time, very different for everyone. Divorce always goes together with a broken heart, frustration, disappointment and depression. Everyone survives in a different way. For example, the main character of one of my favorite movie “Eat. Pray. Love.” has decided to travel for the whole year to three different countries, what actually helped her to recover her heart and to believe in love again. She was eating in Italy, she was praying and meditating in India and fell in love again on Bali. She worked hard on herself and did everything what she thought could help her to get out from depression and to feel the taste of life again.

There is nothing wrong with a woman who had experienced a divorce in her life. And because I love to look for something positive in every situation, I can say that divorce might be a positive thing. It means that a divorced lady knows exactly what she wants and doesn`t agree for less. Divorce might taught her not to do the same mistakes again. Divorce might make her more mature and smarter for the next relationship.

So dating a divorcee is not really different from dating a never married lady

Every woman, divorced or not, just wants to be loved. Every woman needs to feel attention, care, interest and love from your side. If you are going to date a divorcee, first what you should know if she is officially divorced already. If not it can be risky. Sometimes old feelings can wake up and you have nothing to do with it. You should know if she is separated, officially divorced or just going through divorce process. If she is in the middle of the process there can be a lot of drama going on that won`t be a good atmosphere for building a new relationship.

When you date a divorcee you should be clear in your intentions from the beginning. It is better to be honest with the person who just survived the divorce. I`m sure you don`t want to hurt her again. Would be good to discuss if you want to be exclusive for each other or you just want to have fun. Actually, that will help you to understand if she is over her divorce and if she is ready for a serious relationship.

I think you might be curious about the reason of her divorce if you are dating a divorcee. It can give you some tips for your relationship, what exactly not to do, what values she appreciates, what kind of person she is. Would be nice from you not to judge her and her ex-husband. You were not there and you heard the story from one side only.

If you are dating a divorcee you should know how much time has passed from her divorce. It might show you if she had enough time to heal after it. Usually time heals but not always. Some of women are not able to forgive and forget it unfortunately. But you can easily recognize it. If she keeps talking about her ex-husband, compare current relationship to her past one and still has some anger while mentioning him in a conversation she is not over the situation.

I myself know a woman who had a serious relationship right after her divorce that was switched to a successful marriage. Everything depends on a person and a situation. We all make mistakes in life and if she has chosen not a right person for life for the first time it doesn`t mean she won`t succeed next time.