Single men in their 30s who are they?

Usually men in their 30s are completely formed individuals with defined goals and views on life. Better part of them are ready for serious relationship and building the family, taking commitments.

Men in their 30s start to change their priorities and usually get tired of spending nights in the clubs and prefer to have a quality time with the beloved lady at home, having romantic dinner, for example. Man in his 30s is open to experiencing a serious relationship in his life.What do they want and what the advice matchmakers can give to them?

There are some advice from matchmakers for men in their 30s  

Matchmaking advice #1 Stop looking for perfection. You are not perfect yourself so why are you looking for the ideal woman? Look beyond the appearance. Seek for the warm heart and kind personality. You need a woman to build a relationship with but not to look good on pictures in Instagram. If she is able to make you laugh, does her hair color really matter in that case?   

Matchmaking advice #2 Ask directly what she wants. You are in your 30s. It`s a good time for direct conversations as well as direct questions. Don`t waste your and her time. Both of you should know in the beginning if you have the same goals in life. For example, if she is dreaming about career and you imagine in your head how you play soccer with your son on backyard of your own house, difference in mindsets can be a problem in this case.      

Matchmaking advice #3 Be a good catch. To catch a worthy woman you have to be a good catch yourself. Like draws to like. If you want to meet a kind, nice, family oriented lady, be a kind, nice and family oriented man.    

Matchmaking advice #4 Leave the past in the past. In your 30s you might have some experiences in life, you even might have some skeletons in your closet. Maybe your heart was broken several times but it`s not necessary to provide all the information on your third date and add all the details. Instead, concentrate on your present and visualize your wonderful future.      

Matchmaking advice #5 Don`t be afraid of divorced ladies. In your 30s it`s more likely to meet divorced ladies on your way. There`s nothing wrong to date a divorced lady other way round it just says that she is not afraid of commitment. Give it a chance.        

Matchmaking advice #6 Be yourself. There is no better and smarter decision than to be yourself. Don`t pretend to be someone you are not. You won`t be able do it forever. You should be loved by who you are. It`s important to feel comfortable and feel yourself with your woman.      

Matchmaking advice #7 If she makes you happy, go for it. If you are a man in your 30s and you find a woman you like, don`t hesitate but take her and don`t wait for someone else to come because you might regret it.