From the very beginning lets outline the most important qualities that define matchmaking service:

  1. Reputation
  2. Expirience
  3. Professional skills.
  4. Quality of the base.
  5. Matchmaking process.

In my opinion reputation is the most valuable feature of the professional matchmaking service and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about matchmaking in Ukraine or in the USA, Sweden or Finland. It takes time, effort, blood, tears and money not only to build a brand, but also to keep it and to develop. Even if the matchmaker provides the most skilled high-quality service there still will be unsatisfied people – pretty often not even clients. A matchmaker can get a nasty review on Google from a person who actually has never been a client simply because this person had a bad day and just had to write something online; or wants to hire the matchmaker, but can’t afford his or her fee; or maybe this person simply has a hobby of writing bad reviews online about products and services he has never used.

Of course, negative Google reviews only do not define professional matchmaking in Ukraine or elsewhere as well as super positive reviews.

In Ukraine we have a saying that “happiness prefers silence”, which means when you receive a good service you enjoy its results and do not invest time into shouting about it online. Like for example right now I am enjoying a really tasty soup that I have ordered to the office: the delivery was quick and the courier was polite, the soup went in the nice solid cup that wasn’t too hot to hold in a hand to drink it and to type at the same time. And by the way the soup is really tasty. Anyway, if I am happy with my order am I going to post photos and videos online that my soup is so good? Am I going to write lots of reviews praising the delivery service? Not really. I am a busy professional with a life and lots of positive healthy interests and hobbies. I know I am actually bragging about it right now, but only because I need to prove the point: when you are happy with the service usually you keep it to yourself, especially when we are talking about private matters. We usully take good service for granted. We have paid for it. No one wants to pay for the bad service, so when we receive good quality service, we accept it as a given – after all that’s why we have given our money for it. But when something goes wrong, we feel like a superhero whose mission is to “fight injustice” and “inform the world that they have served me coffee with a lipstick on a cup which was not mine”. Of course, sometimes we feel like being supportive to the service we like or feel that our mission is helping others and by recommending a good quality service we can help others. But usually we feel too busy to do it.

This applies to matchmaking in Ukraine: if clients are happy with the service – usually they are too busy with their new relationship and are not eager to share their happiness at the matchmaker’s website. Pretty often even their close friends won’t find out that the third party has been involved to help them find each other. And it is a job of the matchmaker to keep this secret.

Now imagine that you have ordered soup and it was delivered to you two hours too late, it was cold, not tasty and there was no spoon. You will feel hungry, angry and betrayed. I am sure you will find time to call the delivery service and share your “mood” with them. Maybe you will even share your anger on Facebook or Instagram. The world has to know about the injustice that has just happened to you.

So do positive and negative reviews truly define professional matchmaking in Ukraine? Not really. It is important to actually be able to read between the lines: why is this person writing this review? Did he actually use the service? Is he just angry because he is an angry person? Maybe he is angry because he wanted service cheaper or even for free? The world is full of strange people after all. I would say that reputation of the professional matchmaking in Ukraine or any other country consists not only of the reviews both positive and negative, but also of the attitude of the colleagues-matchmakers, press, current and ex-employees, professional ethics and desire to give something to the world for free. For example, at we run several blogs with dating tips and advice, because we want to share our experience and values with our potential clients and just subscribers. Do we have a hidden agenda? Yes, we do. We hope our blog will help us attract clients with similar values and attitude to dating and relationship.

Let’s return to our topic “Matchmaking in Ukraine: how much should it cost”. To understand the possible cost of professional matchmaking service you should understand its true value and most important qualities which we will keep discussing in the next article.

Svetlana Mukha, with love