All of us have fears. Fears live in your mind and the best way to get them out of your head is to face them. Let`s discuss the most common fears of single woman to help you better understand women needs and what is actually going on in their beautiful heads. If you help woman to fight her fears it will help you to build a strong and healthy relationship.    

Loneliness. This is the most common fear of single woman. Usually single lady is afraid of not finding the love of her life, a person to share her life with, a person to build a family with. But even more scarier fear of single woman is to be with someone and still feel lonely. Woman needs to feel connection with her man. If you can give a lady your love, attention, support and care you will definitely win her heart.   

She has trust issues. All of us have bad experience of unsuccessful relationships. Some of women opened their hearts and were hurt not just once. After such experience a lady starts to be more careful and closed, she is more suspicious and doesn`t easily let you in her life. You should be patient with a woman like that, usually she needs more time to open up. Just don`t hurry things up with this fear of single woman. You should be a man of actions and if you promise her something you will better do it. Keep your words, be in time, do what you promised, all these will help you to melt her heart and wash away the fear of single woman.              

She is not beautiful enough. The issue of some single women is they think they are not good enough, their hair is not long enough or they are not skinny enough. A lady likes to be spoiled by compliments. Woman needs to hear compliments every single day and you will see how she blooms. And how you know if your lady is happy you will be twice happier.      

She will lose her independence. Woman that has been alone for a very long time is used to do whatever she wants, doesn`t ask any advice and doesn`t wait for any permission. She has her freedom in everything and relies only on herself. When a man appears in her life she needs some time to get used that she is not alone anymore. Help her to realize that you are one team now. Show her that playing in one team is more fun and interesting.      

Fear of changes. People are prone to fear the unknown. She feels so comfortable with the life schedule “home-work-home”. She has a cat that waiting for her at home. She feels happy most of the time. And this is her fear of single woman.Of course, she dreams to meet her man but when he appears it`s quite frightened. She needs to change her schedule for him, cheat on her cat or even move to another country for you. Of course it`s stressful for every person. But true love will fight any fear. Madly in love people are fearless.      

Frightened by socium. Single ladies are always the subject of discussion. Society imposes its rules on us and single ladies suffer from it the most. If she is 30ty and not married it will be wrong for society, if she is 35y.o. and doesn`t have children still, it will be wrong for society as well. Help her to understand that it`s her life and she has to do what will be better for her but not for the society. Support her in her decisions.

Love each other, help each other, communicate and understand each other, support and take care of each other. All these actions will help to overcome all the fears.

Don`t be afraid 😉