To tell you the truth, the question of dating a woman who is older than you is quite an interesting one. That is because nowadays we can often see couples, in which a man is younger than his girlfriend. “Why does it happen? Is it a new trend? This is because she is rich and gives him a lot of money.” Someone can think. I am sure that each separate couple has their reasons for being together. Still, let us try to sort out whether it is good or bad to date a woman who is older than you.

In our country, as well as almost everywhere else, it has been a traditional thing to have a younger woman as a wife. Why is it so? The reason is quite simple: since ancient times a man has had to provide for the family by hunting and working and protect it. To do that, he had to be grown up. While a woman was supposed to stay at home, keep the house and bear children (the more the better). And such a union also has its pros and cons… However, times have changed and now more and more couples where a man is younger than a woman have appeared.

The first thing which is special about such couples is the age difference, of course, which can either be seen or not. For example, if a woman is about two years older than a man, such a couple will be seen as a couple of peers. Still, if a woman is 4 or more years older than her partner, both of them can feel the difference. Sometimes such partners can find out that they have nothing to discuss, or a woman will want to stay at home and spend more time with her younger man together, while he will want to have a night out with friends. And this is when a lot of conflicts can appear. Still we must keep in mind that people are all different and sometimes a woman who is older than you can be much more sociable and you will be the one who will be begging her to spend at least one hour at your quiet and cozy house.

Speaking of positive aspects of dating a woman who is older than you, remember that the biggest advantage here is that SHE is wiser than you. This gives her a chance to find the way out from conflicts, which could lead to breaking up, if you were dating a younger girl. Moreover, if you are lucky to have a woman who is older than you as your girlfriend, you will always feel the presence and care of your mother. Yes, she will be as caring and will probably forgive you more than a younger girl would.

Another benefit which you get if you date a woman who is older than you, is, let us call it so, financial independence. Yes, usually your older partner has already made a career and she has her own income. That is why, you can concentrate on your career too, without thinking where to get more money. Still, this does not mean that can forget about being a real gentleman and giving your woman flowers and small presents now and then.

Among the disadvantages of dating a woman who is older than you, the only one worth our attention is children. Yes… women who are 5 or 6 years older than a man usually have children and they might not be willing to have more children. There could also be reasons other than just not wishing to get pregnant like physiology. And when a man decides he wants kids (usually after several years of dating a woman) they may have problems with that. However, if you talk this over you will surely find the solution.

Summarizing everything said above, we can say that there are more pros of dating a woman who is older than you. The only thing you have to do is to love her, be her support and always remember that a man is the one who protects the family no matter how old or young he is.