“Where youthful beauty is unconscious,

mature beauty is knowing

and sophisticated.”

Sophia Loren.

Time flies past quickly and you do not have a chance to notice that you have grown older. Yes, my friend, you are not a young boy any more. Still, if you have not found your ONE yet, you have to continue your search. It is quite natural that you would like to have a young and beautiful girlfriend not an old and ugly woman with wrinkled face and flabby skin… (God, I hope you do not really think a woman can look like this) However, does dating a woman after forty make you face this unattractive creature?

To tell you the truth, I have intentionally taken Sophia Loren’s quotation as a foreword to my article because I absolutely agree with it. Moreover, many people say that the older a woman gets the better she becomes, just like wine. Therefore, there are many pros of dating a woman after forty.

First, women of this age have already seen life; they have made a lot of right and wrong decisions and they are absolutely free. They do not have any complexes of inferiority and do not make mistakes, which teenagers make. Women after forty do not follow stereotypes; they have already understood that they must live their own life without trying to correspond to someone else. After forty a woman starts a new life, she tries to find a piece of beauty, which brings her inspiration, in its every aspect. That is why she is so attractive to everyone, who surrounds her.  

If you are dating a woman after 40, be sure that she will never wake you up in the middle of the night to ask what you are thinking about. Why? She does not care what you are thinking about. If she does not want to watch a football on TV with you, she will not be sitting next to you getting on your nerves, asking to switch the channel. She will go and do something, which is interesting for her, and both you and she will be happy.

How many times did you have a row in a restaurant with your young girlfriend or have seen someone quarrel? Dating a woman after forty, you will never experience such a shameful moment because she has self-respect and will never get into a tantrum in public. She would rather add some poison to your wine if you do deserve it. What is more, a woman of such age will eagerly praise you, even if you do not deserve it, since she knows what it is like to feel ingratitude.

Dating a woman after forty you will definitely get to know all her friends. She is self-confident enough to introduce you to them, while younger women often do not trust their partner and try to make the moment of getting acquainted with their friends as distant as possible. Women of such age already trust their friends and even if you like one of them, she will never betray her.

You must also know that women after forty have a good intuition, so you will not have to confess to anything, as they already know it. They are absolutely honest and sincere, and they will tell you what they think about you in the face, so you will not have to guess.

Have you ever noticed that women after forty, who are wearing red lipstick, look fantastic, much better than younger girls. Therefore, if you try not to notice a couple of wrinkles here and there, you will surely see that a woman after forty is much sexier than younger girls.  

Finally, dating a woman after forty you will have a chance to open new horizons together with her without being in a hurry and enjoying every moment of our life. So, my dear reader, do not deprive yourself of dating a woman of such age as she is young in heart, gentle and wise at the same time. She will let you feel that age is nothing and you can beat the time if you want.