Preparing for Valentine’s Day can turn into a complete nightmare for a man, who wants to make a perfect celebration for his beloved. If you are such a man, we will help you to survive and make this day the one, your woman will remember with warmth in her heart for a long time.

The first secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is not to overdo with surprises. It will be enough to prepare at least one, but delightful thing she could never think you would do. For example:

  1. Send her a letter or a postcard with nice words written by your own hand. In our world of text messages and e-mails, she will be glad to receive such a romantic note from you.
  2. Another banal, but still working idea is to bring her a cup of hot chocolate in bed. Starting her day with something sweet will make it a good one.
  3. Wake your beloved up, say good morning and recite a poem to her. You can choose one of her favorites, or even try to make up your own. Believe me, this will be the most touching moment of the whole Valentine’s Day.
  4. Another way to start your woman’s day is to give her a bouquet of fruits, which you have made yourself. It will also be a good idea to prepare some small presents (look for the ideas in our previous article), put them on the tray with breakfast and bring to your girl.

The second secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to become a teenager again. What do I mean by this? Forget that you are a serious grown-up man. Spend a day with your woman as if you are dating your classmate. If in a café she does not know which of two desserts to choose, order both for her. Go to the shooting gallery and try to win a toy for her, or buy her a heap of balloons. Make your better half feel young again. She will appreciate it.

The third secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to concentrate on your woman. You can prepare her favorite breakfast for her. In the evening, you can watch her favorite drama together. Buy her favorite flowers or sweets, especially if she does not receive them very often because of their exclusiveness or high price. Your girl will adore you if bring her the flowers and tell her that you will put the bouquet into the vase yourself. Ask her how her day has gone and listen carefully while dealing with flowers. This skill of yours will definitely stun your better half.

The fourth secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to plunge into memories. Try to remember what it was like when you started your relationship. Buy your favorite food and watch the film you first watched together, or turn on the song you danced to for the first time and ask to dance.

The fifth secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to do something really romantic. You could go to a cold place, where your woman’s hands will get cold. Take off one of her gloves and kiss the tip of every finger; this will make her melt. Bring home as many flowers as if you have bought everything from the florist’s. Alternatively, you can sing her a serenade. If you are not a good singer, a record will do.

The sixth secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to tell the whole world about your love. Send your woman a bouquet of flowers to the office, so that everyone could see it. Or suddenly stop in the middle of the street and kiss her in public. Write your names on the ground under her windows, or hire an orchestra to play under her office window.

The seventh secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is tell her how beautiful she is all the day. Do not forget to remind her of that every now and then.

The eighth secret of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to spend time with your woman. Wake up earlier and hug her, so that when she wakes up, she could feel your embrace. If your woman needs to go somewhere, see her to the car and open the door. You could skate together, take the kids from school or just sit under the stars and make a wish together. The main idea is to do everything TOGETHER with her.

Finally, to make your Valentine’s Day a perfect one, make sure that nothing will disturb you. Hire a babysitter, if you want to spend an evening without kids. If your woman does not like “cut” flowers, bring her a plant in a pot, which will remind her of you all year round. In case you want to organize a surprise trip, find out if your woman has a day-off, or organize her this day-off by talking to her boss. Make sure that whatever you will plan will not disappoint your woman or interrupt her own plans. Good luck!