You have probably read our article telling how to define if you are good in bed and know what to do to make a woman think you are a good lover. Still, our bank of advice would not be full if we did not tell you about the things that you must never do in bed not to spoil your reputation. So this article is devoted to 10+ sex taboos in bed knowing which you will stay away from troubles.

Sex taboo #1.  Falling asleep immediately after sex. All men know that we, women, do not like it, still many of you, men, do this. Is there at least any chance to make you stay up?

Sex taboo #2.  It is also unacceptable to be unimaginative. Do you think that a standard kiss on the lips and bust is enough to give a woman sheer delight? Remember, a woman is not a TV with a “turn on” and “turn off” button and to bring her pleasure you may need to press several different buttons at a time.

Sex taboo #3.  Let us not go far from TV discussion. We, women, do understand that entertainment is very important and you may be keen on football, fishing or do not want to miss your favorite TV program. But, if you have decided to start a sexual act with a woman while watching your favorite program, saying something like “Dear, turn a bit ‘cause I cannot see the screen” is absolutely unacceptable.

Sex taboo #4.  Do not think that we are too fussy, but, even though your girlfriend loves you, it is definitely a very bad idea to kiss her after having drunk three pints of beer, eaten a kilo of anchovies and a packet of super spicy delicious chips. Why is it a bad idea? First, you do not want your beloved to suffocate with the aroma of your kiss, do you? Secondly, women cannot stand bad smell coming from men in bed. That is why, it is also better not to have sex without having a shower, even if you think you smell like a God.

Sex taboo #5.  You’re pretending to be a macho, a sex-symbol and the Alpha is something that will make your woman smile rather than want to have sex with you. You must not tell her that you have learnt all the Kama-Sutra poses and are an expert in bed. And telling a woman that all your previous sex partners were delighted with you and are still asking to repeat the experience can only make her laugh out so loud that even you will not want to have sex.

Sex taboo #6.  You are lucky to have a good body, but is it the reason to show your muscles in bed? Do not think of a sex pose, in which your partner will be able to see your athletic body and pumped up biceps, think of what your woman likes. You are not in the gym, you are having sex with a woman YOU have chosen so be tender and attentive to her not to yourself.

Sex taboo #7.  I am sure that none of you, my dear readers, do this, but still… only an absolute fool can think of telling a woman he is having sex with about his ex’s likes. “Do you like this? Helen adored me doing it!” Never ever, even if she puts a gun to your head, do this.

Sex taboo #8.  Socks… and this is all that I want to say. Why on earth do you, men, not take off your socks during sex? Are you in a hurry? Do you have a problem with memory? Or do you think that your socks add to your style? We, women, do not think so.  

Sex taboo #9.  You know that women like talking, still… asking questions like “Are you alright? Do you like this? I am the best, aren’t I?” during sex is not the best idea. It will be better, if you guess what we feel looking at our reaction. Don’t you think it is better to have a talk drinking coffee afterwards, and not while having sex?  

Sex taboo #10.  Having the unshaven face look sexy, doesn’t it? Maybe, however it will not add delight to your woman’s feelings during sex. If you think that kissing her anywhere having three-day stubble on your face is pleasant, try to touch your arm with your face and multiply this feeling by 1000. Believe me, you will not find this nice.

And finally, the biggest sex taboo in bed is to have sex with a woman and not to make love to her.