Our modern world is too busy for spending time on personal needs. So, lots of men and women around the world who seek for their better half choose to ask for help. Most of them rely on dating apps in their choice, however are they really so effective; or, maybe, it is better to ask a professional matchmaker for help? Let us look at this issue closer.

Language barrier

With the help of different translators, it is possible to write to a person from another part of the world in your dating app, even if you do not know their language. You could even translate their messages into your own language, but… are you sure everything is correct? How long can you continue such communication?

However, if you go to a matchmaking agency, you will surely have a chance to not only write a message to a person you like in their language and understand their reply correctly, but you will also have a chance to meet them in person and talk, as a professional agency will provide you with an interpreter.

Seeing in person

When you rely on dating apps in terms of relationship, you could be on-line dating a person for years without seeing each other. Why? The reasons are usually like “I cannot come to your country now, because…” (I am busy at work, have not enough money, my parents need me to be with them right now, or other) Or, you could even arrange a meeting, come to the place where you are supposed to see each other, but… she will not come and you will not even have a chance to find her and ask why she has decided not to see you, since you do not know if she is really “Helen M.”

Matchmaking agencies work differently as they have all the necessary information about their clients and you will be sure that you are going to see “Helen”, not somebody else. Moreover, you will definitely see her, as matchmaking agencies’ job is to introduce people to each other and do whatever it takes to help them find their ONE. You can also be sure, that you will not meet any pervert or a scammer, who will trick your money out of you and leave you alone, as any agency cares about its reputation and will never have such a client.


Very often people, who rely on dating apps, i.e Tinder appwhen looking for their ONE, complain that they have to send off a lot of users, who write to them and offer sex, even though they do not know each other. Of course, there are different men and women, and the reasons why they are on this or that dating site are different too, but, if you have serious intentions, you would better not rely on dating apps. Surely, a matchmaking agency does not guarantee that a person you will date will not covet you; still the chances to meet such a character are minimal.  

Finally, if you ask my personal point of view, I will never rely on dating apps trying to find my true love. I know that here are many people, who are married and the only reason they are at this or that dating application is a quick hit. However, I also have an acquaintance, who has managed to find a husband for her boyfriend’s “not very young” mother on such an application.

As you can see the question whether to rely on dating apps while searching for love or not is quite a controversial one. Therefore, you are the only one, who can make a choice: whether to risk and find your love yourself, or leave the “dirty job” to professionals and enjoy the fruits of their efforts.