If you have come to a conclusion that you are ready to meet your destiny face to face but do not know what to start with, we advise you to begin with addressing the right people to help you. Fortunately, nowadays there are many services that will be eager to assist you in finding your ONE. The most widespread of them are matchmaking agencies and speed dating in Ukraine. Which is better? Let us reflect on it together.

Speed dating in Ukraine VS matchmaking service in Ukraine. Round 1.

Being very busy, you might find it difficult to allocate the time for your private life, going to dates in search of your possible girlfriend. Speed dating is a good way to cope with this problem as each “express date” lasts just a few minutes and lets you communicate with as many girls as possible during the session.

However, chances are high that some of the girls, you will be communicating with are far from your ideal life-partner image either in their appearance or character.

What can a matchmaking agency oppose to this? I can assure you that you will not have any express dates as the task of a matchmaker differs from that of a person, who organizes speed-dating sessions. A matchmaker does care about who you will meet and tries to find a woman or several women, who will fit into your requests.

The good thing about matchmaking service in Ukraine is that you, the love-seeker, will not have to spend a minute searching. Everything will be done for you.

 Speed dating in Ukraine VS matchmaking service. Round 2.

You will definitely be told that a big advantage of speed dating sessions is the opportunity to see the girls with your own eyes, which is not possible to do, if you use dating sites or communicate with someone on the internet, during which you can become a victim of scam. Even if the girl’s main task is not your money, the pictures, which you see online can be of a different person, or photoshopped in such a way that you might think you are communicating with a movie-star, and when you meet in real life you will be, to put it mildly, surprised.

Going to speed dating events, you will definitely not have to imagine or invent, you will see everything with your own eyes and if you do not like the girl, you will spend only 5 minutes with her and say goodbye.

What about a matchmaking agency in Ukraine? To tell you the truth, I know what a rigorous client selection process there is. That is why, you must knowingly understand that any girl, who you will meet, will not be a scammer, she will surely be interested in you and, more importantly, you will not have to wait till this “5-minute circle of hell” finishes. Every girl, who you will date, will to the greatest extent possible fit in with your standards. Of course, it does not mean that every first will be your destiny; still chances are really high that you will not have a spoilt evening despite anything.

Speed dating in Ukraine VS matchmaking service. Round 3.

If you are seeking for romance, I would not recommend speed dating, since it is actually about speed. So, if you really want to have a big choice of candidates and communicate with more girls during one evening, you should probably go to a speed dating session.

On the other hand, no matter what, looking for your better half is about love and romance. Therefore, being in a hurry is not the best thing for the love tracer. While being a client of a matchmaking agency you can expect that every date of yours will be a really romantic experience.

Speed dating in Ukraine VS matchmaking service. Round 4.

There is one great thing about speed dates – no preparation is needed. You just come and talk to the person sitting opposite you. At the same time, this could be a problem, if you are not that confident in communication with the opposite sex.

However, if you address a matchmaking agency in Ukraine,  you will have to prepare before the date, which is good. Why? Because you will have a chance to consult professionals about how to behave, what to wear, how to present yourself and make a good impression on the girl, and how to understand if the girl is interested in you.

So, now that you have compared speed dating in Ukraine with a matchmaking service, it is up to you to decide which is better: speed and spontaneity, or safety and romance in your personal search for love.