Why would a beautiful Ukrainian woman choose a man from abroad? What is it that attracts Ukrainian girls to foreign men? To tell you the truth, it is not the first time that we are discussing this issue. However, the fact that this question arises, makes us feel happy, my dear reader, that we can help. So, this time, we will not make it just a simple list of the qualities. What you are about to read is the real answers from our beautiful women-clients, who have decided to choose our matchmaking agency to find themselves a foreign husband. 

The top 10 qualities Ukrainian women like in foreign men

Marina. A beautiful Ukrainian woman #1. 

What I really like about foreign men, is that they are very polite. They always behave like real gentlemen, no matter what is going on. They will never shout or raise their voice in private or in public to prove themselves.

Elena.  A beautiful Ukrainian woman #2.

As for me, I really like the fact that it is very interesting to communicate with foreign men. It seems to me that is because they travel to different countries and are eager to share their knowledge of the world with me. Even though, I am not a “home-sitter” and I also see a lot, I always learn something from foreign men I communicate with. 

At the same time, what really amazes me, is that these very men, who travel a lot and know a lot of things, also have a great will to learn something new, which always gives me a chance to show that I am not a stupid blonde, who can only listen to a more experienced man, but to show that I am an intelligent girl and also have something to share. 

Valeriia.  A beautiful Ukrainian woman #3.

Oh, my favorite quality that foreign men possess is generosity. I travel a lot and have several friends married to foreign men, so I definitely know what I mean. From my own practice, I can tell you that foreign men do not “count” their money, when it comes to making something pleasant for a woman. They are always ready to make a nice present and do not wait for the girl to “pay them back”, if you know what I mean…

Darina.  A beautiful Ukrainian woman #4.

You know, I can call myself a self-sufficient woman. That is why, I am not really interested in presents or other pleasures of life, which I can afford to organize myself. However, what always makes me think of foreign men as of good life partners is their ability to admire a woman and make her compliments. Moreover, more than once, I have had a chance to make sure that what they say goes straight from their heart. This fact makes me also think that they tend to tell the truth all the time, which is not a strong point of Ukrainian men, unfortunately… 

Nataliia.  A beautiful Ukrainian woman #5.

I am not a big expert on foreign men; however I have had a couple of experiences which made me understand what I like about them. I have always known that foreign men are real gentlemen and would never shout or punch anyone; so, before I had a chance to see it for myself, I used to ask myself a question what they would do if someone offended their woman; would they stay so gentle and do nothing? Still several times I have had a chance to see that a foreign man stood for his woman. So, what I appreciate in foreigners is that they can combine being strong and gentle at the same time.  

Olha.  A beautiful Ukrainian woman #6.

There are actually two qualities that personally I appreciate in men: independence and maturity. In comparison with Ukrainian men, who I know, foreign men are independent enough to make their own decisions without asking their mom or friends for help. What is more, they are mature enough to take responsibility for whatever action they do. 

Svetlana.  A beautiful Ukrainian woman #7. 

The most important thing that I like about foreign men is that they understand that a man and a woman have equal rights in relationship. They do not see their partner as someone who has to always obey their rules. They clearly understand that a woman needs some space for herself, which is really important as no girl wants to feel like a bird in a golden cage.  

So, summarizing what our girls have told us, here is the list of top 10 qualities they like in foreign men:

  1. Being polite. 
  2. Being interesting to communicate with. 
  3. Having a will to learn something new. 
  4. Being generous. 
  5. Being able to admire a woman and make her compliments. 
  6. Being honest.
  7. An ability to combine being strong and gentle at the same time.  
  8. Being independent.
  9. Being mature.
  10.  Being able to give equal rights in relationship.