We have already told you why using free dating sites is not a good idea because you can meet Ukrainian women of different kinds, some of which may surprise you in a bad way. We have even created an ultimate guide to Ukrainian women using free dating sites to show you who you will meet in case you decide to search for your ONE on one of them. So, welcome the most frequent characters from the on-line dating:

  1. A cad-girl. These girls are the ones, who accidentally decided to have a profile on one of the free dating sites, but are now not really interested in that. However, they do not delete their profiles for different reasons, that is why they find everyone contacting them really irritating. Therefore, writing to such a girl you risk to be sent far-far away from the very first moment.
  2. A scammer. If you come across this representative of Ukrainian women, beware. Everything will start with her asking you to make some virtual present for her. She can also say she has no money to pay for the Internet and ask you to do it, if you care about her, of course. Why cannot she make a top-up herself? She can’t leave her sick mother, father, friend, etc.
  3. A romantic woman. You will recognize her by the posture – in the photo she is usually with her mouth slightly open, as she thinks it is very sexy. She is very attractive. Usually, she already has a boyfriend, but still hopes to find someone better to be her Prince Charming.
  4. Tiger-woman. Her photos are super-professional. The profile description is sophisticated. She usually looks for a wealthy gentleman and is often lucky to find the one.
  5. A creative woman. Ukrainian women representing this type of users want to find a super-creative and active man. They are more interested in the process of search than in actually finding the right man.
  6. Business women. They probably believe that they will find someone. However, they are not going to establish serious relationship immediately. They will want to check the man first. One of the main reasons for their using free dating sites is the search for business connections, clients and  customers.
  7. Virtual love seekers. This class includes Ukrainian women of different age, starting from very young girls, who are inexperienced in building relationship, finishing with quite experienced women of middle age, who are very often married, but want to add some taste to their plain life. Virtual love seekers do not want to meet in real life. Moreover, sometime, behind a very beautiful profile of a sexy woman, you can come across not so very beautiful man… so be careful.
  8. No-picture ladies. Very often they have no intention to transfer their virtual dating to the real life, though may seem quite interested in it. Once you ask for their photo or telephone number, they will disappear and will not answer your messages.
  9. PC zombies. These are women, who do not think of filling in the profile with the information about their height and weight. When you ask them to send a picture, they start telling you that the soul is what matters. She will not send you her pictures, but will definitely express all her thoughts about you being heartless and insensitive.
  10. Ladies with great pictures. These Ukrainian women are usually open-hearted, ready to communicate and have a good sense of humour… They believe in finding their ONE and they will honestly tell you about their life. Being busy at work, they cannot spend much time looking for their true love. Communication with them will be easy and you can even expect a real-life meeting. So, if you are lucky to come across this type of online-daters, do not miss your chance.

Finally, no matter what type of Ukrainian women you will meet on-line, you must remember that all of them are looking for their happiness, which is different for each of them.