Nowadays, people have started using Tinder in Ukraine widely. Some of them want to find their true love; others seek for a one-night relationship.

Why do Ukrainian women use it and what do they get in reality?

Interested? Then read our article to find out what Ukrainian girls think about Tinder in Ukraine.

Elena, 27.

After breaking up with a man, whom I really loved, I was desperate. I did not know what to do and where to go. So, to distract myself from sad thoughts, I registered on Tinder. Since I was still in love with my ex-boyfriend, I was not looking for anyone special. So, when the man, who seemed interesting, asked me to have a date with him, I agreed.

The first half an hour of our meeting was an “introduction” moment. I learnt everything about his problems with parents, difficult job and the lack of love in his life. Being a well-bred girl, I could not tell him to stop and say “Good bye” immediately, so I offered to take a walk. After listening to his life-story for more than an hour of walk, I was lucky to receive a call from my friend. I had to lie and tell him that I had to leave him because there was an emergency situation, and ran away in a taxi without any hesitation.

All in all, I have used Tinder for more than two years, but have not received any sex-offers, only date invitations. Once I even wanted to take the bull by the horns and use the application for this purpose, but the man I had made an offer to dressed me down, saying that I did not respect his feelings.  

Olga, 27.

Tinder in Ukraine is not a widely used application as far as I know. I have registered in it to find interesting people and practice my English. Using Tinder, I often meet foreign men here, in Ukraine, and also when I travel around Europe. Frankly speaking, most of the men on Tinder only want to have sex with me; still some acquaintances have grown into friendly relationship.   

Mariia, 22.

I think that people, who use Tinder in Ukraine, do not seek for serious relationship. Among the profiles you can meet any character – from a pizza delivery man to a minister’s son. What I do not like is that very often information and the pictures in the profiles are merely fake; so when I agree to have a date with someone, I cannot be sure how and where it will go. Very often young men do not understand why I have put a “like” to their photo if I am not going to have sex with them. However, I have met a couple of men, who saw me as their future wife after having liked my photo once.

As for me, I use Tinder just for fun. More often the cyber-communication does not move to reality. I have been on several dates, though, but I could not wait to finish several of them. Only once my date grew into a short real-life love affair.

Kate, 24.

The most frequent matches I have on Tinder are musicians. Once I even had a simultaneous match with a drummer and a soloist from the same band that came to perform in our city. For some reason we did not have a chance to meet in reality, still I communicated via the Internet with the soloist for a couple of months after that. Another time I met a man, who was really big-headed and behaved like the trendiest DJ. I did not like his behavior and left him. Interesting, but later I learned that he really was a famous DJ, but still he was a real jerk, which made him absolutely uninteresting for me.

I have often heard girls say that they use Tinder in Ukraine for interesting acquaintances rather than for finding a sex-partner. It is not true. In fact, we, girls, sometimes also want “light” relationships, whose main benefit is that you will never see each other. However, once one of my “light” daters turned out to be my neighbor living next door. We spent a great month talking about interesting things, listening to great music and having amazing sex.