How it often happens you wake up in the morning in your 40s (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) with the conviction that you are ready to settle. Usually it comes to people unexpectedly.

The main signs that you are ready to settle down are:

-You are not so enthusiastic about night out in the clubs anymore. You notice many young people around and it starts bothering you.

-You are thrilled with children around. Maybe you are still afraid to admit that you are ready for children but with pleasure spend time with your friends` children or babysit your nephews.

-Your best friend settled down. He prefers to spend time in his cozy home with his beautiful wife. He prefers to push the stroller with his baby boy in the park instead of hanging out with you.

– You are more and more interested in an “adult lifestyle”. You prefer fresh made meal instead of take-away pizza. You spend Sundays doing your laundry and house chores. You start to cook for yourself.

– You are not into one-night stands anymore. You are looking for your soulmate, for someone special to share your life with.

Let`s imagine that you have found HER. How to show her that you are seriously oriented man and ready to settle down. Of course, you can just pronounce it to her but how we know, women appreciate actions more than words.

Tip from matchmaker #1 – Put your lady first. Make her your #1 priority. Let her be more important than your work calls and beers with friends.        

Tip from matchmaker #2Mention the future. Discuss the future plans together with your partner. Don`t be afraid to choose a place for your next year holiday, for example. It will show her that you are open for a long-lasted relationship or even more.  

Tip from matchmaker #3Make life decisions together with your lady. If you are going to buy a house would be right to ask the opinion of your lady you want to build a family with. It will be good to know if she finds the area friendly and good for arising children.

Tip from matchmaker #4Money stuff. It`s better to be financially stable till the time you decide to settle down. It will save your time and help you to convince your lady to build the family with you. You should be the man whom she can rely on.  

Tip from matchmaker #5Meet parents. Meeting her parents as well as an introducing her with yours will show your girlfriend the serious intentions.

Listen to yourself. Only you can know that you are ready to settle down. Follow your wish. First of all you have to find HER, the love of your life. This is one of the difficult parts and would be better to ask help at matchmaking agency and have a professional matchmaker in your team what will increase your chances to meet the right person to build a family with and definitely will save your time.

You are on the right way!