Winter… it is a cold and snowy season, however it does not mean that you must spend all your time inside. If you come to our country in winter, there are a number of places which we can recommend you to visit in Ukraine during winter holidays.

  1. Probably the most favorite place to visit in Ukraine in winter is the Carpathian mountains. This is where everyone will find the activity to their taste. First of all, there are a lot of ski resorts like Bukovel, Dragobrat and other, which offer the best ski slopes for the keen skiers and snowboarders. But not only people who like winter sports can spend a good time in the Carpathian mountains. There are also many thermal springs resorts (Beregovo, Kosino), which offer you a chance to swim in the open air when it is cold outside. Actually, there is much more to tell about the Carpathian mountains, so, if you are interested, we offer to read the article «10 not-to-miss experiences in Ukrainian Carpathians».Картинки по запросу буковель зимойUkrainian Carpathians
  2. Santa Claus toy factory in village Klavdievo-Tarasovo is another place to visit in Ukraine at New Year time. When else is it better to come to the center of the New Year mystery and learn to make the New Year decorations at the only factory producing baubles in Ukraine. Feel yourself a creator of the celebration and bring joy to you and your dear people by making souvenirs yourself, learn about the history of bauble-making and say hi to a 15-metre tall New Year tree, which will greet you at the entrance. Inside the factory you will find the museum of baubles including the best creations of the factory workers as well as the most beautiful New Year decorations of the world. And you can see all the steps of bauble-making process too.Похожее изображение
  3. Winter sea in Odessa. Of course, it is qiute understandable that going to the sea is a more summer activity, however, winter Odessa can also surprise you with snowy Potiomkin stairs and Opera theatre, frozen sea and the lighthouse, picturesque streets and yards, and of course you will never forget the humour and optimism of the local people. Odessa is a city with its own atmosphere. The sight of unusual winter sea view will inspire philosophical thoughts in you. Looking at the monumental lighthouse fighting the force of nature will become an unforgettable symbol of firmness and help you get through any life difficulties.Похожее изображение
  4. Another place you must visit in Ukraine is magical Chernovtsy with its narrow streets and stone-block pavements, cosy cafes serving various kinds of coffee and aromatic hot wine punch and, of course, breathtaking ethnic views. Visit this Ukrainian version of Paris and walk along its quaint streets, admire the central building of the National University included in the UNESCO list, pay attention to little white houses in Sobornaya Square, drop in the book-shop «Bukinist» to buy yourself something to read, smile back to friendly people and enjoy the kind and relaxed Christmas atmosphere.
  5. «Christmas flights festival» in Kamyanets-Podolskyi. If you like looking at places from the bird’s-eye-view, visiting Kamyanets-Podolskyi at Christmas is right for you. This is where all air-movers gather on 6-9 January. Join them and you will enjoy the views of the festive town as well as the countryside scenery. At daytime you can visit Podolsk vertep in Vozrozhdeniya Square and enjoy the performance, sing carrols and try traditional kutia. In the evening you must go to the fancy-dress event in the old fortress.
  6. Festive Lviv. Plunge into Christmas fairy-tale, stroll along old streets, enjoy the snowy Market Square views from the Town hall, see the sunrise from the High Castle and visit unique cafes. Lviv will not only charm you with its fascinating scenery, but will give an opportunity to visit the most interesting places in Ukraine, try lots of kinds of coffee and learn new words in the library of «Lviv Coffee Mine», grab the chimney-sweeper’s button and make a wish in the «House of legends», taste a wide variety of special liquors in «Gasova lampa», become a real Ukrainian in «Kryivka», bargain for your dinner in «Judaic knaipa» and, of course, treat yourself to some sweets in «Lviv Chocolate Workshop».Похожее изображение
  7. The last but not the least place we will recommend you to visit in Ukraine in this article is Christmas Dikanka village. This is where you can become a character from the famous «Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka» book. This place which will win your heart with its flavour and festive atmosphere is situated not far from Poltava. There you will enjoy the steady pace of a small town life, walk in numerous parks and public gardens, visit Nikolayevskaya Church. If you go to a huge nearby forest you will see oak trees, which are 500 years old, where, according to the legend, Motria Kochubey met young hetman Masepa. When in Poltava, you must also go through the famous Triumphal Arch – the historic symbol of Dikanka, designed by Luidgi Rusca and built in 1820 as the front gate to Kochubey manor to memorize emperor Alexandr I’s arrival to Dikanka.