Visiting Ukraine for romantic purposes has become a wide practice nowadays. Men from different countries are ready to pay big money to matchmaking agencies to find them a Ukrainian wife.

Foreign media state that Ukrainian girls win foreigners’ hearts not only with their beauty, but also with their traits of character and their attitude to family values. On the other hand, they also write that young Ukrainian women have to marry unattractive and old foreign men because they have no other choice, since Ukrainian men are materially unstable and do not want to take care of their women. At the same time, Ukrainian girls believe that our men are too spoilt to look at their country women objectively. While foreign men make comparisons and state that Ukrainian women have no rivals.

What makes Ukrainian girls so special and what is it like to, actually, have a Ukrainian wife?

Let us look at some of the qualities ignored by Ukrainian men, but praised by people from abroad.

  1. Having a Ukrainian wife you will definitely be proud of her beauty. For many years Ukrainian girls have been among the most beautiful women of the world. As foreign men say, they have never seen so many pretty women in any part of the world.
  2. Having a Ukrainian wife, you will surely be fed deliciously; your house will be clean and kept thriftily. It is traditional to pass family recipes from generation to generation and teach young girls to be good housewives since early years.
  3. Having a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife you will never feel the lack of emotions and passion, since Ukrainian girls have and reveal a wide variety of feminine feelings: gentleness, tenderness, sometimes jealousy, mercy, an ability to forgive and support.
  4. Having a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife you will also have a wise friend. Ukrainian women are good at finding the way out of the most difficult situations and solving serious problems. They can lead their men to success. These are the qualities, which help Ukrainians survive in any difficult situation.
  5. Having a Ukrainian wife you will “provide” your children with a loving mother. The attitude of Ukrainian women to children is worth admiration. Not for nothing there are so many Ukrainian songs about mothers and their endless love for their children.
  6. Having a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife you will get a very hard-working partner. She will manage not only to look after the house and be an affectionate mother and wife, but will also have a job, as this quality is in Ukrainians’ genes. Even in the books, a Ukrainian girl is always described as “beautiful and hard-working”.
  7. Having a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife you will never get bored. Ukrainian girls adore singing and dancing and have a great sense of humor. Believe it or not, but almost every girl in Ukraine has some talent.
  8. Having a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife you will have an intelligent interlocutor. Though strange it may seem, Ukrainian girls are not only beautiful and spend their time on looking after their appearance. They also find time to get higher education. Moreover, nowadays almost every girl in Ukraine has two or more university degrees.
  9. Having a Ukrainian wife you can be sure that she will respect your parents. In Ukraine it is traditional to respect parents and follow the traditions of generations.
  10. Finally, having a Ukrainian girlfriend you can be sure that she is serious about your relationship. Most of Ukrainian girls dream of marriage since childhood. Their priority is to create a happy family, make their house a cozy place and bring up children.