In recent years more and more Ukrainian girls are switching to international dating in search of their ONE. Why is it so? Why are they ready to literally leave everything behind and move to another country with different mentality? Men, aimed at dating a Ukrainian woman often ask us these questions.

To tell you the truth, my dear  men, each of the girls has her own reasons for this. However, having analyzed and generalized all the answers we get from our clients, we have come up with the following conclusions, which we are ready to reveal to you.

Why are Ukrainian women switching to international matchmaking to find their potential spouse?

  • The lack of men.

One may think that Ukrainian girls are too choosy and have too high requirements for their potential life partners. However, as it is sung in one of the Russian songs “The girls are standing aside not dancing because statistically there are nine men for ten ladies.”  This, unfortunately, is true as nowadays every tenth woman, who is in her thirties, cannot find herself a life partner. That is because the candidates are already married or have nothing to offer to a girl. I think it will be unfair to blame Ukrainian women for their unwillingness to have relationship with alcoholics, drug takers or losers. That is why, they have no other choice but to look for a husband abroad.

  • Foreign men are good at wooing.

Frankly speaking, romance does not come naturally to Ukrainian men. However, foreign men are the gods of beautiful wooing while dating a Ukrainian woman. They make lots of compliments, give flowers without a special reason, and take their woman out somewhere, which is what they do. Speaking of Ukrainian men, they are ready for such “heroic acts” at the beginning of the relationship. Still, after marriage the Princes Charming turn into usual men and the fairy tale becomes a routine. The days when a woman gets presents are her birthday, the New Year and 8 March – Women’s Day; and the presents they get are something like pots, frying pans, etc.

  • Different mentality.

Men from abroad like taking care of themselves, especially dating a Ukrainian woman. However for Ukrainian men it is quite usual to have a beer tummy, or go to work unshaved (and I am not speaking about a well-groomed beard, which is quite popular these days). Sadly, but many of Ukrainian men tend to forget to change clothes and rarely think of their style. Maybe, that is why they often criticize Ukrainian women, who are ready to invest any money into their beauty and visit beauty salons very often.  On the other hand, Ukrainian men are eager to see real beauty queens with ideal appearance and body next to themselves.

At the same time, foreign men support Karl Lagerfeld’s idea that beauty needs money, not sacrifice. That is why, dating a Ukrainian woman, they are ready to spend money so that she could always have well-groomed hair, good manicure and high-quality fashionable clothes.

  • High standard of living.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is going through hard times in the sphere of economics nowadays, which makes it impossible for our men to earn enough money for a demanding woman. That is why, Ukrainian girls also have to take care about their needs themselves. Many of them either work night and day, while many are ready to create a cozy home for their possible husband, who is ready to support them.

Dating a Ukrainian woman one may think that it is senseless to leave your family, work and motherland behind. However, that is in our (Ukrainian girls’) nature to follow our heart. We are determined enough and if we want to find our true love, we are ready to go around the world to find it.