If a person is professional in what they do, we often say that they are cut out to be what they are. In the world of matchmaking, it seems that only women are cut out to be “cupids” and help people find their true love because about 90% of matchmakers are female. Why is it so?

Looking at Svetlana Mukha, who can be called the most successful matchmaker in Ukraine, we can answer this question easily as she possesses all the characteristics that a good matchmaker must have.


It is not surprising that this quality goes first in our list, since the work of matchmaker in Ukraine is everyday communication with lots of men and women, who look for their destiny. Women-matchmakers are very good at it. They always know what to say and how to “tune into the right wave”.

Having good interpersonal skills, while communicating with the clients they can easily deal with psychological issues, find a compromise as well as choose the best match for anyone, who asks for help with relationship.


This quality is an inseparable part of a set of characteristics that a woman matchmaker in Ukraine has.

Being enterprising women can skillfully hide some disadvantages of the clients behind their best qualities. Let me give you an example. Both a man and a woman have a perfect love match as to character and life values, however there is something about her or his appearance that does not correspond to their demands. An enterprising matchmaker, will do whatever it takes to let these two at least meet and help them see that they can become life-partners. It is not a single case in our practice. But only a woman can cope with such a task, because she tends to look deeper and see what is behind the outer picture.


This quality is actually what helps to explain the clients why the candidates offered will be a good match for them. With the help of eloquence a woman matchmaker can always show the best qualities of her clients.

Being informed. 

I do not want to say that men are not interested in information, on the contrary, they seem to be up-to-date with what is going on around. However, a woman matchmaker in Ukraine is always well-informed about the issues considering the world of matchmaking.  It is her job to know what concerts there are, which restaurants offer the best service, what other new trends there are in the social life of the country, which will definitely help her organise the best dates ever.

What is more, a good matchmaker is always informed about her client’s lives, their ups and downs and expectations. This is why, she always knows what to advise and how to organise every meeting.


It is not always that every first date finishes successfully. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to make two people understand that they are made for each other. This is when a successful matchmaker in Ukraine has to pluck up the courage and talk to the clients more than once. Listen to them, delicately explain why something went wrong, listen to them once again and try to persuade to go on a second date. Sometimes the clients are too nervous and only the patience of a professional matchmaker helps them pull themselves together.

Knowing what women want.

Every matchmaker in Ukraine will tell you that starting new relationship, which men would like to continue, depends on the correct behavior with a woman. More than once we have written in the articles that a man has to win a girl’s attention, impress her, etc. It is only a woman, who knows what other representatives of her sex want. That is why, female matchmakers are extremely helpful in the issues of relationship.

Finally, I would like to finish this article with an old saying, which appeared at the very beginning of matchmaking: “do not try to choose a good husband or wife, but choose a good woman-matchmaker”. It seems to me that our ancestors knew back then that women are destined to be Cupid’s representatives and help people find their true love…