We have already told you what to talk about at your first date, but we haven’t warned you about the topics that are better not to touch. So this article will help you not to fail your first date with Ukrainian girls by talking about something wrong. Look through our list of forbidden topics for the first date and try to escape them.

  1. Health problems

Of course, Ukrainian women are caring. However, I can hardly imagine that SHE will be interested in your health during your first date. Do you think you can win her heart telling her about your heartburn? Health problems can win you extra points only when you have an obvious problem like a broken hand or leg.

  1. «Tech jargon»

Believe me, women can’t stand any kind of jargon, especially the one they do not understand. So, if during your first date you are using a lot of wonky terms, at the best case she will think you are too busy with your work, and at the worst case that you are trying to make her look fool.

  1. Ex -girlfriends

Do not even think of mentioning your ex-girlfriend in your first date conversations. It is very important for many reasons, especially because you can tell a lot of stories which can uncover your faults. Do not tell how you cheated on your ex or how boring she was because she used to call you one hundred times a day. At this level of your relationships you need a strong base and your woman must think that you have broken with the past and are moving forward in a mature and constructive way.

  1. Sport

In case you still do not know, women like sport, but they are not so keen on it as men. Of course you want to share your feelings about football or hockey, but discussing the results of all the matches is not the best topic for the first date.  

  1. Stories about unsuccessful journeys

It has to be a truly breathtaking story, otherwise she will be bored. The stories about your missing the bus, or  getting into turbulence zone on the plane and having no chance to go to the toilet for two hours cannnot be called breathtaking. It is very likely that your dreary story will be followed by hers, which will cause both of you being bored to death. Consequently, you are wasting your time and losing a chance to light the sparkle of love.

  1. Routine

You must know that for a woman whom you do not know, there is nothing interesting about your routine. To make fun of the usual things you do, you must know each other very well. It will also be good to escape detailed talks about TV programmes, films, etc.

  1. People she doesn’t know

You can spoil your first date speaking of people SHE does not know. If you are telling about someone you like, the woman can make her opinion about you on the ground of what she will think about the person you are describing, or she can plunge into her thoughts  comparing herself with them. If it is someone you do not like, she may find you violent, nervous, anxious and all your faults will be seen.

  1. Cars

Even a little child will tell you that boys play with cars and girls play with dolls. So your stories about roaring car engines and sophisticated designs of cars will bring about only one question from a woman «So what?»

  1. Excessive love for pets

Kittens and puppies are, of course, a good topic for a conversation, but only for neighbours walking their dogs. It is not necessary for a woman to listen to what a nice puppy your dog was and what it used to do. Having a nice pet does not make you more attractive. It is more important for HER to understand how you can behave with people and what your attitude to them is.

  1. Sex

Speaking of best sex positions at the first date is the same as praising your favourite brand of Whiskey during a job interview. Forget all that you know about this issue, or she will think you are not self-confident and serious. Leave this «mature» tooic for some of the next dates.  

From Valeria, with love)