It is almost winter now, so if you are planning to visit Kharkiv, you might wonder what you can do here at this time of year. That is why, we have decided to help you and tell which places you can visit in winter Kharkiv.

Of course, if you are here to meet a woman, the first and best place to visit for a date is a restaurant. This is where you can talk to a lady and learn what you want about her. Actually, being a big city, Kharkiv has a great choice of simple cafes and posh restaurants offering you different cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Georgian, Mexican, Indian, Ukrainian and many others. There are also restaurants serving fantastic seafood and desserts.

When you get to know your possible future wife, you can go somewhere not so intimate. And place №2 to visit for a date in winter Kharkiv is cinema. A wide variety of cinemas around the city, including an IMAX theatre, will be great to escape from the winter cold and let you have a good time with your date watching some romantic movie.
Believe it or not, but another place to visit for a date in winter Kharkiv is… circus. A woman will not like it? Absolutely not. Just think when she visited this place last? I am sure it was long time ago. So, if you want to surprise a lady, ask your matchmaker to book a couple of tickets to the circus and you will spend a fantastic and unusual evening which both you and your woman will remember.

If both of you are fond of arts, you will have no chance to get bored visiting numerous art galleries and museums, the doors of which Kharkiv is happy to open for you. And, of course, these are the places where you will not get cold and no snowstorm will disturb you.

The next place you will definitely like to visit for a date is Kharkiv dolphinarium. This is where you can have the best emotions ever watching dolphins and seals performing different tricks. And after the show you can take a photo with «sea actors» and even swim with dolphins. Where else both you and your lady can get such feelings? I think that a date like this will be the one to remember.

Another place which can bring you lots of positive emotions is one of the shopping malls. First of all, you will not have to spend much time outside in cold and snowy weather. Secondly you can buy a small present for your lady in one of numerous shops. And thirdly, there are so many entertainment places like quest rooms, cafes, skating rinks, bowling and cinema, that you can spend the whole day walking there and having lots of fun.

If you are not afraid of winter cold, you will absolutely enjoy walking around the city and visiting central parks, which look amazing in the snow. Spending a romantic day out and having a chance to hold your lady by the hand and hugging her to warm her… what could be better?

And finally, if both you and your date are extreme lovers, you will never forget skiing in Kharkiv Switzerland. This is a ski-base with excellent skiing conditions «inside» the city. So you will not have to go far and spend lots of money to get there, but you will have a chance to enjoy a perfect skiing day out.

So, if you are still hesitating and thinking whether to visit for a date Kharkiv in winter or no, stop it and book yourself a flight because you will be absolutely satisfied with visiting our city in winter and will remember this experience for a long time.