What are attributes of successful relationships? I have decided to ask that question to my friends from all over the world to find out the meaning of it. All of them have totally different personalities, background, life style, age group and mindsets.   Let`s see the results:

Liam (29 y.o, UK, London). For me successful relationships are formed through a number of different factors. As I`m looking for an international relationship for a successful one to blossom, grow and sustainable both have to regard geography and distance as minor influences as the feelings of being reunited after weeks/months apart is a wonderful emotion. Communication, being open, understanding the other persons perspectives are just as valid. I`m not a great believer in that two people should share the same interests. For me, differences in cultural attitudes, perspectives on issues improved me as a person as I think it really adds to a relationship and through personal experience I learned about the culture, society and even daily habits of many Ukrainians which I find fascinating.

Elena (29 y.o, Ukraine, Kharkov). I believe that in successful relationship a man has to be a leader, takes charge of making decisions, embodies and demonstrates masculine qualities. Confidence assurance and ambition are important. Also I think couples that overly use the word “love” actually cheapen the word. It should be said on and at special moments.

Kalle (38 y.o, Sweden, Gothenburg). Successful relationships are relationships full of harmony, love, romantic and closeness. I`m a half-wild person, I can say. I`ve built a house on a small island on the North of Sweden. I`m looking for a person who loves nature like me, who wants to share solitariness and simple life with me.

Amber (45 y.o, The Netherlands, Rotterdam). It`s important for a couple not to bring baggage/bad memories from previous relationships. For example loyalty, faithfulness and monogamy are vital components in making a successful union of two people. Forgetting negative emotions and realizing each person is unique and just because a previous partner cheated, was not physically or emotionally attentive does not mean another person will be.

Daniel (41 y.o, USA, New York). I`m a busy hardworking man. I`ve been doing my PhD for years, I`ve been running my own business plus I work for government. In my situation successful relationship is where my life partner can keep herself busy and don`t ask for too much attention from my side. Maybe it sounds selfish but I know who I`m and what works for me. I`m so busy that I don`t even have time to fully answer on this question.

Lauren (22 y.o, Jamaica). For successful relationships I do believe both should share certain similarities though like having the same libido/sex drive. I think this causes issues in relationships and leads to separation of body and mind.

Natalia (32 y.o, Russia, Moscow). It`s very important for me to keep the successful relationship alive by constantly surprising and not slipping into a routine. For example surprising my partner by meeting him after work unexpectedly and taking him for dinner or for a drink or booking a weekend break away in a romantic city.

As you see there are as many opinions as many people. If you are in the successful relationship, it means you do something exactly right for you and your partner, so just keep doing what you are doing.

Or there`s a standard answer on a question “5 things a man needs to do in a successful relationships” that you can read in every second magazine:

  1. Give her attention;
  2. Surprise her;
  3. Be strong;
  4. Take responsibility;
  5. Bring some romance in life.

Plus one more paragraph is – Be yourself.