If you have decided to address a matchmaker for help, you must be looking for a chance to create a family. As an international matchmaking agency helping foreign men to find their true love in Ukraine, we think it is utterly important to tell our seekers for happiness about family values in our country. Still, we are not going to write a dry article basing on our own ideas, but we will tell you what our women clients consider to be Ukrainian family values.

Valentina. To me it is vital for every member of the family to feel loved, meaningful and connected with the rest of the family. So, being linked to your dearest people is one of the most important family values for me. Creating a strong family means that you spend every possible minute together. However, we must remember to leave some space for the activity which our partner likes doing and which brings him happiness. If you have the same hobby, you are lucky, of course.

Olga. As for me, I think being flexible is a skill, which each member of the family must obtain. It is understandable that every family has some rules, but your wish not to compromise can hurt your partner. The more flexible you will be in making your decisions, the happier your family will be. If one of the partners is always right, the rest of the family will not be so much happy. That is why, flexibility is very important.

Marina. In my opinion, respect and honesty are family values which make a family not just a word, but a single unit of a society. If people respect each other, they care about each other’s feelings, ideas, needs and decisions meaning that they accept and appreciate the opinions and emotions of the whole family. Speaking of honesty, I think that it is the basis of any relationship (between a husband and a wife, parents and children, etc.) That is why it is important to encourage honesty in your family and show understanding when someone tells you about their wrongdoings.

Elena. Speaking of family values which I appreciate most, I will surely name mercy and generosity. I truly believe that being able to forgive is a very important skill. Of course, it is your choice if you decide not to forgive, but you must remember that nobody is perfect and try to look at the situation from a different angle, find a compromise and move on together. All in all, life is not so long to waste it for hurt feelings.

What do I mean by generosity? Of course it is not just giving money to people who need it. Being generous means also sharing your time, feelings, and attention with other family members.  What else is needed for a healthy family?

Irina. I would add communication to the family values that the girls have already named. In my opinion, communication is an art. That is why, if there is no communication in a family, people will face a lot of misunderstanding. Even the smallest problems can grow into a disaster if people cannot get along with each other. I am sure that when people can openly discuss their dreams, hopes, fears, successes and failures without being afraid of disapproval, they have that connection which is so important for any family.  

Juliya. I am the last to speak, still I am sure not least. I agree with all the family values mentioned by girls, however I think that we must not forget about responsibility. I think that each of us would like to be considered a responsible person. And responsibility is a feeling which starts being formed in childhood. Do you remember your parents asking you to clean up after you have played, tidy your room or feed the cat? This is when you were taught to be responsible. And when you grow up, you subconsciously have the inner feeling of responsibility to fulfill the task you are asked to do, to go to work, to care for your family members… This is how you will make a strong and healthy relationship in your family.