There are a lot of prejudices and stereotypes about money in our society. This topic has become taboo as much as sex. Many women consider it difficult to talk to men about money in a relationship. That causes unnecessary stressful situations and lead to conflicts or even neurosis.

In order not to look like a self-serving person, not to terrify men with their demands women prefer to be silent and enduring, to hold irritability and frustration. And then suddenly give unsuspecting men a piece of their mind after having found a convenient excuse.

How to Talk About Money in a Relationship?

Women also tend to avoid talking about money in a relationship and tell about their demands with hints that are not clear to men, as we know. So if your woman tells how beautiful her friend’s fur coat is, it can be difficult for you to read between the lines. The story about someone’s second trip to the Maldives you may see as an ordinary information while it was a suggestion for you to take steps to book a holiday at least in Turkey. Of course, it is understandable that you don’t put to practical use the psychic arts so you can’t read minds and guess wishes. Just don’t get mad for these hints.

Those who were born in a family with a shoestring budget or not so close-knit one are tend to have a subconscious fear to talk about money in a relationship. Usually such conversations led to conflicts between parents. That’s why these people have mental barriers which prevent them from getting oneself into a situation that is close to those from childhood. The paradox is that avoiding this topic leads to quarrels over the family budget.

To talk about money in a relationship is not only a possible topic but even a necessary one. A relationship of trust means that both sides of it can easily talk about anything but it’s important to learn how to do it right. To start with, money should be a neutral topic for a woman. You should talk about it as calmly as about the choice of dishes for dinner or cinema date. If a woman shows obvious reaction while discussing financial issue like rapid heart beat, cold hands, laryngeal spasm or even tears, than it’s a sign that her head is full of contradictory settings on the topic of money. She can get rid of them either by herself or with the help of a psychologist. But at the beginning she should understand that such kind of problem does exist. By clearing mind from the unnecessary ideas on the nature of money or their influence on our life and who is in debt to whom you can see that talking about money in a relationship is much easier and don’t seem a problem anymore.

Here are some simple rules to make your life easier:

1. Conversation about money is possible and necessary.
2. Conversation about money should be honest and calm, without hints and manipulations.
3. There should be no complaints, blame, threats and blackmail in your conversation.