Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever thought of talking about sex with your lady? Why would one need to talk about sex with a woman he knows well? What could you discuss while talking about sex? How to bring out this topic?

Having asked our clients what they think of talking about sex we were surprised to find out that women do like discussing sex issues. Moreover, all the recipients said they thought it was vitally important to talk about sex. Why? The answer is quite simple: talking about sex is necessary because it helps you to understand your partner and make her understand your likes and dislikes in sex, your attitude to sex, etc. and become closer.

Which questions can you discuss?

The first question to be discussed, especially in the beginning of any relationship is what kind of sexual relationship you both want? If you have not had sex yet, but you really like the girl and want her to be your girlfriend with all the “consequences”, you must know if she sees you as her sexual partner or not.

Another question you must discuss while talking about sex is birth control. Ask a woman if she is taking any medicines to prevent pregnancy and what she thinks about using condoms during sex. What ways of birth precautions she would like to use and whether there are any sexual activities that could be enjoyed without any “limitations”.

Getting pleasure from sex is the issue, which must also be discussed. You both have to find out what makes you feel good. Ask your woman how she wants you to touch her, where to kiss, how to caress. And, of course, tell her about your “hot spots”. The best way to do it is to show by touching yourself in front of your partner. This will give you pleasure and show her which places and actions excite you.

I cannot imagine talking about sex without discussing what your sex desires and limitations are. Talk about your fantasies. What sexual actions have you wanted to try? Are there any role plays you would like to play? Would she like to play them with you? Is there anything your woman would not like to do in bed? Are there any places on her body, which she does not want you to touch?

How to start talking about sex? I will give you a couple of tips, which, in my opinion are effective. Of course, it is not easy to start a conversation about sex but if you have decided to do it, find a film in which there will be several sex scenes and look at the girl’s reaction. Her eyes and body language will tell you if she is ready. If you notice that the girl’s attitude to sexual scenes is adequate, you can ask her a couple of questions like: “What do you think about this place to have sex? Would you ever like to try this place (position, etc.)?” Such questions can lead you to a very interesting discussion, which will help both of you get to know each other better. However, if you see that the girl is not answering your questions, do not push on her. Maybe, despite the body language signs and your intuition’s voice she is not ready to discuss this topic. And by trying to continue “sexy talks” you could spoil your evening, not to mention your future relationship.

Another way to start talking about sex is to tell your girl a joke about sex or a funny story, which has happened to one of your friends. If the girl’s reaction to this is good, she is smiling and making comments about the whole situation, you can carefully come to the “main topic”.

Finally yet importantly, it is vital to choose the right time and place for talking about sex. If you do not want your conversation to come to nothing, do not try to start it when your woman has just come from work, she is hungry or tired. It is also not good to start talking about sex in bed, before or after sex, as it could be considered like “criticism” and the result will be different to the one you have expected. To make your sex discussion successful, you must “prepare” your partner beforehand and talk to her in a relaxed atmosphere suitable for such event.