In the previous article we have already outlined the most important qualities that define matchmaking service:

  1. Reputation.
  2. Experience.
  3. Professional skills.
  4. Quality of the base.
  5. Matchmaking process.

Of course, these qualities are connected and have a great influence on each other. You can’t build a matchmaking brand without having professional skills and necessary experience. On the other hand, you can polish your professional skills while working with your clients – doing matchmaking in Ukraine in our case.

If the matchmaker has experience and professional skills, he or she can build a decent base of singles in a few months, but to get to this level he or she can invest years into gaining this experience to reach the necessary level of professional skills.

Also, a lot will depend if the matchmaker is working solo or with a team? How many clients does the matchmaker serve per time?

So, matchmaking in Ukraine: how much should it cost?

Many singles try to put a price tag on the matchmaking service based on the number of introductions = dates that they will receive. In the mind of some gentlemen “it is not worth it” to pay several thousands of dollars to meet “a few ladies” when they can pay just a few hundred dollars and correspond with hundreds of profiles at a pay-per letter dating site online, especially if we are talking about international dating – matchmaking in Ukraine.

Such singles definitely have other goals and values. They prefer quantity to quality. They enjoy the illusion of endless choice way too much.

If your goal is to meet ONLY hand-picked quality matches which often means the professional matchmaker has interviewed multiple candidates that he or she has preselected in his quality base that the matchmaker has created by investing time, creativity, professional skills and money – then you understand that matchmaker is saving you LOTS of time, money, your fragile ego and tender heart that has been bruised too many times before.

If you consider international dating of course you can go online on your own or even travel abroad and go out just to realize that dating can be REALLY exhausting. You will have to meet lots of strange people, some good people, who just won’t be right for you, lots of people who won’t be into you and even more people who are not interested in international dating. Some people will seem right at the very beginning only to deeply disappoint you later. Some people will even try to take advantage of you. Now you can think of the scary word scam. At some point you can even think that international dating or any sort of dating is just not for you. There will be lots of faces, profiles, high and crashed hopes and no results.

So what about professional matchmaking in Ukraine? What will you gain by hiring the professional matchmaker?

First of all, you will “buy” professional skills and experience of the matchmaker! Yes, not even the dates. Not yet at least. You will get a chance to analyze your dating strategy and improve it or completely change it if necessary. Yes, the matchmaker will preselect for you candidates from his or her base of singles based on the professional experience and skills of the matchmaker. And don’t forget about intuition of the professional matchmaker. It is important not to underestimate it! Of course there is always a client that chooses to make it difficult for the matchmaker to provide him with the good service: the client will try to stick to his old usually not efficient  and often delusional dating habits, avoid any recommendations and advice, forgetting that these professional advice, recommendations and tips are part of the service which the client has actually paid for.

So, is professional matchmaking in Ukraine not only about the dates with the ladies? Of course it is important that the matchmaker has enough quality dates for you in his or her database or knows how and where to recruit them for you shortly, but if you avoid or neglect dating tips and advice of the matchmaker – you rob yourself, you do not fully receive the service.

Dates are important and the base of singles is important, but if you keep declining good candidates “just because her eyes are not green” and roll your eyes on all recommendations of the professional matchmaker you are like a person who bought the gym membership but never goes there, hoping that fat will magically burn itself and unicorns will replace it with a beautiful six-pack.

Matchmaking in Ukraine: how much should it cost?

It will depend greatly on the level of professional skills, reputation, quality of base, experience and matchmaking process of the matchmaker. At we have recruiters, managers, psychologist, marketers, programmers and even video operator to make sure our clients meet high quality singles and do not waste time corresponding for years online and facing disappointment after disappointment.

Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways: “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong”

This applies to matchmaking in Ukraine, how much should it cost to avoid all those crazy bad dates with strange people who only bruise your heart and waste your time? How much should it cost to change your life forever by finding truly the right partner?

How much did it cost the matchmaker to build the efficient matchmaking process,  reputation, gain experience over the years, polish professional skills, build (and always keep building) the quality base of singles?

How much will the time of the matchmaker cost if he or she will invest it into finding you the right matches instead of you?

At the end of this article I want to wish everyone love and to remind that if you want to learn more about professional matchmaking in Ukraine you should absolutely visit our blog and vlog!

Svetlana Mukha, with love