Before asking your girlfriend inappropriate sexual questions think first if you are on that level of relationship when it is appropriate to do. You can easily offense your lady with such kind of questions. Some women will be not able to answer on them ever because of their upbringing or shyness and modesty.

There are some examples of inappropriate sexual questions   

Inappropriate sexual question #1 How many sex partners have you had before?

It`s one of the most frequently asked sexual questions that men would love to know. Women don`t understand the reason of such interest to this kind of information. What answer men would love to hear? Would you be satisfied if she answered that you were the second one and the last one in her life? Or would your opinion be changed if she told you that you were number 5 or number 10 for example? Don`t show your insecurity. Try to know more about her inner world and about her plans for the future instead of digging her past up and counting her ex boyfriends.

As we have started to speak about exes there is even worse question than previous.        

Inappropriate sexual question #2 Did you enjoy sex with your ex more than with me?

Never ever ask your beloved women such question. First of all in 95% cases you will never know if she really did enjoy it with her ex more.

Better ask what you can do else to bring your lady more pleasure. In most cases you can improve your sex life if you really have deep feelings to each other. Work on it but don`t show your fears and don`t compare yourself to her ex. You are better than that.     

Inappropriate sexual question #3 Did you cum?

If you have to ask your lady about it, most of the time it will mean she didn`t. For some women it`s not so easy to get the orgasm and they might be embarrassed by that fact. Instead of such direct question right after lovemaking try to have a nice conversation with your lady and ask her unobtrusively what brings her the most pleasure during the sex and what she wants to improve or to try new.   

Inappropriate sexual question #4 Would you like to try threesome?

Maybe you will call me old-fashion but I can`t wrap my head around the idea that a man who is so in love with his lady can offer her to share such intimate process with someone else. Or what is even worse and more disgusting to share his woman with another man. If your beloved woman is not enough for you maybe you should be honest with your lady and yourself and keep looking for the one.  

Inappropriate sexual question #5 Do you like to watch porn?

Why not to offer your sweetheart to go to the cinema and watch a nice romantic movie instead?

Of course everything depends on the person you are, how open minded you are and on your type of relationship. I know some couples that literally can speak about everything.   

If you are in international relationship don`t forget to pay attention to your lady`s national traditions. If it is appropriate to talk about sex freely, if she used to it, if it is customary in her country.

Communication is the most important thing for healthy relationship!