We can hardly find a man or a woman, who will imagine a relationship without having sex. However, there are things you must avoid doing if you do not want to make your girl’s sexual desire melt like snow in the sun. Such a situation can happen even during sex and then you will have to finish the act with a “mechanical doll”, in case she lets you finish at all. So, if you are not looking forward to such an experience watch out of the following things in bed.

  1. PAIN. Almost all women state that if a man causes them pain while having sex, their sexual desire switches off immediately. Causing pain in such a case can mean being rude and behaving not like a gentleman, not to mention causing her physical pain. However, there are exceptions and if you see that the woman likes it, hurry up to find a whip or a belt and forget about what you have read in this paragraph.
  2. UNTIDINESS. According to numerous surveys, it is the second thing that can discourage women from having sex. The image of a real Alpha, who has to be hairy, strong and smell a guy, is a thing of the past. If you want to escape problems, the only thing you have to do is take a shower before meeting your woman. It is not necessary to choose a shampoo with the aroma of the forest or strawberries, as women do not like it either. The only thing women want is a man, who has the pure aroma of a man, not stinky or vanilla-flavored, oh, and, by the way, make sure there is no unpleasant smell coming from your mouth.
  3. STUPID WORDS. Very often, hoity-toity words or gutter talk can discourage your woman from having sex. Of course, there are exceptions, and some girls can get excited.  However saying something indecent at the right time can make even an average woman excited. That is why, you must find a middle ground through trial and error. If you do not want to make mistakes, just avoid being over-sweet or endlessly dirty.
  4. CLEVER WORDS. On the contrary, speculating on how life appeared on Earth or discussing philosophical issues while having sex is not the right thing to do if your partner is not a scientifically interested person.
  5. SOCKS. Yes, this accessory, if left on your feet before having sex, can put out your partner’s sexual fire. You could have seen a lot of films, in which men do not have time to take off their socks and even shoes, and it does not impede the process. Do you really think it is true? The Big Bad Wolf has eaten the Little Red Riding Hood without even chewing her and then she came out of his belly safe and sound… Is it possible in real life? Definitely not. Therefore, our advice is not to try to bring the fairy-tale to life.  
  6. CHANGING POSITIONS. Of course, making sex varied is a great idea. However, changing positions too often can switch off the sexual desire, especially if changing the position falls on the moment when your woman is on the peak of pleasure. Not to get bored with the same positions, but also not to discourage your woman from having sex, think of some signals, which can let you both understand that you can make a switch, or that it is not the right time to do it.
  7. CHANGING THE RHYTHM. Changing the frequency of frictions can also throw off the sexual spirit. Your girl might be about to have an orgasm and it will be important to make the rhythm faster, but you will suddenly decide to have some rest and slow down… That will definitely be the end.
  8. MECHANICAL SEX. I hope you will agree with the fact that nobody wants to feel a robot in bed. Therefore, a full absence of sensitivity and tenderness is likely to discourage your woman from having sex. Such a mechanical sexual act can only be appreciated by an inexperienced teenager, who was suddenly lucky to have sex.
  9. A TELEPHONE CALL. You are in the middle of having sex and suddenly the phone is ringing. Even the polite “Darling, I am terribly sorry, but I have to answer it!” will kill her sexual desire. If you do not want to get into trouble, turn off your phone before the date. By doing so, you will even win extra points in your woman’s eyes, as she will appreciate the fact that you will be only hers for some time.
  10. UNTIMELY QUESTION. Surely, you are not that kind, but there are smart guys, who try to solve some problems while having sex with their girl. There was even a case, when a man asked his partner to lend him some money during a sexual act. As you can guess, he had neither money, nor sex after that.