How often do married couples have sex in a marriage? How diverse is sex in a marriage? I asked these questions to my married friends and you know what? The short answer is – it depends on who you ask. It means that everything is in your hands my dears. Every married couple has their own truth. Only you and your partner decide what a sex life is waiting for you in your marriage. How often you are going to make love with your “the only one” during the years. Every couple has different sex needs. For some of them it`s normal to have sex in a marriage every single day. For others it`s totally okay to make love just once per week, or once per month, or even once per half of year. It doesn`t mean there is something wrong with any of them or that something is missing from their marriages. The important thing is to communicate and figure out how many times of having sex in a marriage work for you both and make you two absolutely happy.

Just noticed that I`m not talking about the first year of marriage when 99% of just married couples want to have sex almost every single day. But unfortunately it`s a fact that your lovemaking will change with years. After wedding, honeymoon and first year full of non-stop sex are over, the time for building a happy marriage begins. As you get closer there is no room for unknown and mystery anymore. Consequently passion no longer grows. How can we deal with it?

For example I know a woman who is happily married for about 15 years now and one of her secrets is she hasn`t been changing her clothes in front of her husband. Every night she goes to bed wearing a beautiful nightwear thereby to keep some mystery. After that ritual her husband can take it off immediately. But every time it makes him wonder what is she hiding. He gets a signal to his brain to undress her which gives rise to desire. Is`t a nice trick, isn`t it?

What else can help to keep mystery in a marriage? It`s a funny example but it does work, believe me. For men (actually for women as well) I can recommend to close a toilet door while doing your “stuff”. That`s true you know already everything or almost everything about each other but still try to keep romance alive in your relationship as long as possible. And such a little thing as closing a toilet door can help to do it.

And now I`m serious. Don`t take each other for granted. Try to spice up your sex in a marriage. Surprise your partner as often as you can. This is a great time for costumes, sexual toys, leather outfits and crazy fantasies.

Talk honestly to each other about sex. It creates a unique connection.

And don`t forget about sense of humor, it never hurts.

And remember when you and your second half make love, all kinds of amazing things happen in your body that makes you feel happy and healthy!

So why are you still reading this? Grab your love and “Just Do It”!