I am pretty sure that most of gentlemen have already heard rumours about the beauty of Slavic ladies, and especially about the beauty of ladies from Ukraine. Some of these gentlemen have even “faced the evidence” by traveling to Ukraine or running into a beautiful Ukrainian woman in his country or in the Internet. Beauty of Ukrainian ladies is pretty often one of the main reasons why men looking for a wife consider Ukraine to be the final destination of their search.

Of course men looking for a wife in Ukraine often put traditional family values and gender roles in the relationship into the list of top reasons why they want to date a Ukrainian lady. It is true that feminism hasn’t affected Ukraine as much as some Western countries. In Ukraine ladies still want a man to be a leader in their relationship. Of course there are some exceptions to every rule, which usually only proves the rule.

Let’s return to 5 important facts that men looking for a wife in Ukraine should know and keep in mind while dating a Ukrainian woman.

Ukrainian ladies expect a gentleman to pay during the date

It doesn’t matter if you have a first or second date with the lady, if you are at the restaurant or at the cinema, Ukrainian lady will expect a gentleman to pay for dinner, movie tickets and the drinks. This is a part of Ukrainian culture. If you have asked a Ukrainian lady out she will expect you to foot the bill. So men looking for a wife in Ukraine should keep this in mind while they choose the place for their date. If it is a dinner date a gentleman should choose the place he knows he can afford and feel comfortable about. Don’t choose fast food paces unless you are 15 years old. By asking a lady out especially on a first or second date you make a statement and it can either give an impression that you are a serious, reliable romantic gentleman or you can send a message that you are just a serial dater, you are not really interested in her or you are just not a generous person – and this is a bad message at the early stage of relationship. Men looking for a wife in Ukraine should forget about the idea to split the bill. Ukrainian ladies won’t understand it.

Ukrainian ladies expect a man to “be in charge” in relationship

Men looking for a wife in Ukraine should keep in mind that your Ukrainian date will expect you to be the one to take the next step. Do not apply this to sexual steps only. This means you should be the one to ask her out on the next date, choose the place and suggest the time. Ukrainian woman likes it when a man tells her “I will meet you at 7 p.m. on Friday night. It is going to be a date”. Of course it would help to make a little “investigation” beforehand and to find out if she is actually free on Friday night (her sister might have a birthday).

Ukrainian ladies expect a man to keep his word and not to change his mind.

I have no doubts you have heard that men love with their eyes and women love with their ears. This is why men looking for a wife pay extreme attention to the looks of their future bride and ladies notice every word that leaves gentlemen’s lips. So if you promise to take her out to the theatre and then you never get the tickets it will leave a bad impression, because you do not keep your word which means you can’t be called reliable and this makes you not a husband material. So men looking for a wife in Ukraine should keep in mind that their words should be proven by their actions.

Ukrainian ladies dress to impress

Men looking for a wife in Ukraine should pay attention to the way she has dressed for the date with you. I have watched so many ladies rocking extremely high heels that match the new dress and smiling brightly to their date, while their toes were numb and in blood. Well, pretty often I am one of those ladies. There is nothing comfortable about high heels, but every lady knows that they make you feel sexier, hotter, they give you extra confidence and every Ukrainian woman wants to impress her date with her looks if of course she is interested in a gentleman. So if you meet her for the first or second date and she is wearing a hoody and sweatpants then either you are already in the friend zone or she is just not interested in you even as a friend or perhaps she is not really Ukrainian.

Ukrainian women expect you to court them

Pretty often men looking for a wife in Ukraine assume that by telling how serious their intentions are right at the first or second date they win the heart of the Ukrainian lady. First of all don’t forget that it is up to her to decide whether your intentions are truly serious and she will judge it by your actions and not just words. Secondly, every Ukrainian lady expects a man to court her which includes asking her out on dates, presenting flowers, complimenting her, spending time together, becoming officially boyfriend and girlfriend, meeting each other’s families and friends and finally becoming a bride and a groom.  You will have to court her to win her attention. She will reward you with her affection, love and care.

Dear gentlemen, and especially men looking for a wife in Ukraine, if you keep your game on, be persistent, romantic and attentive to Ukrainian traditions you will be rewarded by winning a heart and soul of a very special woman who will bring lots of romance, understanding, passion and traditional values into your marriage.

Svetlana Mukha, with love