Dating service in Ukraine is a very popular business direction. However, at the same time it is quite complicated, because there aren’t any definite rules and standards, so everyone works as he feels fit or perhaps profitable. That is one of the reason why dating industry has many myths and stereotypes, which cause a dark stain on its reputation.

Nevertheless, there are still the ones who really want to be so-called love agents and to help people in searching of their best halves. To fight this bad reputation of dating market and to become an honest agency with pure reputation, it is important to choose the right niche for you, the direction where you will have the opportunity to do the perfect work and feel comfortable yourself.

That is why it is highly important to understand how dating service in Ukraine works and what its main ups and downs are.

How does dating service in Ukraine work?

  • Dating sites take quite a big niche in dating industry. Its working scheme is familiar to almost everyone in the modern world – such sites are usually free for women and paid for men (they normally pay for the registration, membership and, of course, chats). Such dating sites are not interested in person meetings at all, because they earn money from correspondence, more letters mean more money and successful introduction means losing a client. The most interesting thing is that a big amount of foreign men understands the deceptiveness of this kind of dating; they know that you have more chances to find a fake profile than the real one. Nevertheless, this dating service in Ukraine is flourishing, as there are still many fans of endless romantic correspondence. Moreover, as long as there is a demand, there will be a supply.
  • Marriage agencies usually work with big dating sites because of mutually beneficial cooperation. Marriage agencies have the base of ladies (sometimes the profiles are even real) and dating sites have the foreign men, who are ready to spend their time chatting with beautiful Ukrainian ladies. It can happen that a male client comes to Ukraine to meet in person his online soul mate, in this case marriage agencies covers all organization moments and provide an individual service to the client. Therefore, this dating service in Ukraine has some rate of successful introductions, but it’s not very high.
  • The popularity of romantic tours to Ukraine growth day by day. It is a kind of speed dating, only at the international level. Normally foreign men (male participants) are attracted by big dating sites and Ukrainian ladies (female participants) are invited by local marriage agencies. The number of ladies is always much higher than the number of male participants. This event usually has the next image – one foreign man is sitting at the table surrounded by indefinite amount of the ladies whose age can be quite varied too. Is such dating service in Ukraine interesting for foreign men? Certainly, they get a lot of attention of beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Does it have a high rate of successful introductions? Definitely no, but still, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Matchmaking is the most effective dating service in Ukraine and works only offline. It is really the most prominent kind of dating in the modern world, that’s why many marriage agencies position themselves as matchmaking ones hardly understanding how the matchmaking actually works. The owners of such marriage agencies should understand that it isn’t matchmaking when a male client can choose his perfect match by himself from the open base containing thousands of profiles of the ladies; you can’t name your service matchmaking when you provide online corresponding or video calls. Matchmaking is an individual service which helps people attuned to the serious relationship to find their perfect matches.

There are so many representatives of dating service in Ukraine that it is very difficult to predict the directions of its development, but we really hope that its future lies in the growth of reputation in the international dating market.

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Alyona Koltsova, leading manager at