Nobody likes problems. People usually try to avoid them. Very often they are trying to solve the problems when it`s too late to do it. Relationship problems are frustrating especially when you understand that you can`t fix it anymore. Let`s discuss some of relationship problems that almost impossible to solve.     

Contempt and disrespect. It`s hurtful to see two people who were so in love not so long time ago but now they irritate and even hate each other. They can barely stay in the same room. There is no love and warmth in their eyes anymore. They behave as strangers and almost don`t talk how they used to do. Partners will become strangers to each other if they don`t start to solve the problems in time. What you need to do is not to be silent, discuss problems, and don`t think that the problems will just disappear by themselves. Being in a relationship is a job. When you have relationship problems you will have to work twice harder.         

Sex. Sex is one of the most important things in relationship. I think you will agree with me. But what to do when this one of important things becomes an issue in relationship. First thing that you have to do is to speak about it with your partner. Maybe you can even ask a sex therapist for advice. But if nothing has changed with time it will be better to break up. Sex is your health and health of the relationship you are in. Both of you deserve to be happy that`s why it is better to find someone who will have the same sex drive as you and will completely satisfy you.     

Money. There is no lack in love, you can say. People are affected by deep feelings at the early stages of relationship. They look at this world through pink glasses and blind themselves to the reality. Unfortunately it doesn`t last forever and after some time people come back to normal life. Relationship problems starts with money problems. Money problems lead to arguments and disappointments. Life is much easier and happier in wealth.  

Secrets. Every person needs private space. But relationship problems will start if you gain more and more secrets. In that case your partner will become more and more suspicious. Just remember that nothing stays buried forever.   

Cheating. Not everyone can forgive cheating. Even if your lady is able to forgive you I`m not sure she will forget it. There will be no trust in your relationship anymore.    

Jealousy. What can be worse than a jealous man? Only a greedy man. You should trust your best half. No one is comfortable to live like on volcano. Spying and controlling your sweetheart is a very bad idea.       

Different views on life (future). It`s a big relationship problem and the reason of so many breakups. That is why it is important to discuss your plans for life in the beginning of relationship to avoid a heartbreak in the future. If you are looking for a serious relationship you should better ask in the beginning does the lady want to have children or not, does she want to build a career or be a housewife, does she want to live in a big city or in country side.

Try to predict relationship problems and to solve them in the very beginning. Be brave to face the problems and work on them together with your partner. Sometimes problems can get you even closer to each other.